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Internships at Monticello

Monticello offers a wide variety of internship opportunities in many fields. To learn more about our internship program, please read through pages linked to below. 

Thank you for your patience.  We are currently reviewing applications and expect to be in touch by March 31.


vasmith's picture
I applied for a 2017 Summer Internship and was wondering when applicants might hear back?
AshleighNash's picture
I am currently pursuing my Masters in History and searching for a potential summer internship for next summer. I was wondering when the Summer 2017 internship application would be available.
Madeline.Davis.14's picture
I was wondering when the internship applicants will be contacted regarding summer positions. I applied for a summer internship and I am eager to hear back from the Monticello community.
Madeline Davis
djts41190's picture
I was curious about when the 2016 Summer Internship Application Form is going to be up? I am interested in applying for the Jefferson Library internship and the Restoration internship.
Dan Stewart
cwollerton's picture
Dan, the form should be ready to go.
BenTurner22's picture
I am currently studying landscape architecture at the University of Kentucky. It is a five year program, and I am approaching the end of my third year. I am in search of a summer internship to better my knowledge in the field of landscape architecture.
Ben Turner


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