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Jefferson Schools Initiative

More than 300 elementary, middle and high schools across the United States bear Jefferson’s name, most located in communities of color.

2017 Jefferson Schools Initiative ParticipantsIn 2017, the Jefferson Schools Initiative welcomed 42 middle and high school students and teachers for fully-funded, immersive, day-long and multi-day programs at Monticello from three Jefferson Schools, traveling from Richmond, VA; Washington D.C.; and Miami, Florida. During these onsite programs, students and teachers were invited to share their perspective on what it means to be a Jefferson School, wrestle with Thomas Jefferson’s complicated legacy, learn more about Monticello as a working plantation, and work closely with Monticello’s education staff to chart a path forward for teaching others about the relevance of Jefferson’s words, ideas, and actions in today’s world. The Jefferson Schools Initiative is a program that is rooted in empowering our future as much as it is about reflecting on our past. 

Jefferson Schools Initiative participants gather around JeffersonIf you are a student or teacher at a Jefferson School who is interested in collaborating on an onsite or virtual education program, please email



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