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acupo8184's picture
That is really cool!
ksaga's picture
Thank you - thank you for being a leader in using history, scholarship to further the most difficult of topics and conversations.
cmandd's picture
Hi Emily, not sure if you have returned, but this painting is in the parlor, to your left as you enter.
cwollerton's picture
You should check out the recent findings in the S. Pavilion basement. They may make you envious, but they're really, really cool.
acupo8184's picture
Thanks. I helped with the archaeological excavations in 2015 as a field school student. At the time, I was disappointed that we weren't finding ANYTHING in our excavations of the stable yard. Our supervisors kept telling us, "It's o.k. Zeros are data." I don't think that made us feel much better then, but two years later, it's really cool to see the stables being reconstructed based on what we didn't find.

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