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A brief look at the phaeton riding vehicle that Jefferson designed for himself in the early 1800s...More >>
Jefferson was Monticello's architect. But many of its finest architectural features -- including...More >>

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Bigotry; New England self-righteousness underlied the bigotry that antagonized all that were different from them, from the Salem witch trials to the election of 1800. Like the federalists of yesteryear, today's Consistently fake News Networks abuse their freedoms (speech and press) to indoctrinate a confidence in ignorance, thus misinformed ignoramuses scream "racism" where there isn't any. Knowledge consistently finds confirmation in all things related to it. Indoctrinated beliefs are dead ends, without consistency. My profile is the folk history of the Dixie Flag; it's meaning is consistent with the history of the South prior to the Civil War, and the writings of Robert E. Lee. The belief that it symbolizes racism is indoctrinated via repetition on television; confirmed by socialist activists teaching students the politics that support their six figure, part-time, gov't paid teaching jobs.
Rebel Son of Dixie
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Questions on reality mimicking art remain unanswered. Is vocal opposition to racism promoting it? Although Jefferson rejected aristotelian thought, getting to the roots of racism is wisdom. In Jefferson's time theoretical science parading itself as facts underlied popular racism; such forms ended with NAtional soZIalistische deutschland. racism today is emotional; a product of the rise of post-modern feminism which gives credence to feelings, notwithstanding media outlets abusing their freedoms in promoting racism by overblowing it; "there's no such thing as bad press." * * * Monticello allegedly standing against "all forms" of hatred not only rubs a raw nerve on many Southerns who Hate the sin and love the sinner; Hate the crime and love the criminal, but apparently denies Jefferson's sincere loathing of great britain's propaganda machine.
William Green
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The house tour by Liz Marshall was the best I have attended. Her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm brought to life the house, the Jefferson family and all who lived at Monticello. The incorporation of not only a tour of the house but the stories and visual aids she shared were integrated in a seamless manner. She even shared the UVA fight song at the end to send us off on our way remembering one of Jefferson's most prized legacies that has changed lives of so many who have attend the University... including myself. Liz - Thank you for a spectacular day !
Jason Hoyle

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