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Joseph Neilson's apprentice, Ben Calvert, also went by the names Colvard and Colbert. He was the son of Benjamin Colvard, a cabinet maker, of Charlottesville. Between 1778 and 1779, 16 year-old Ben Colvard/Colbert Jr. was an apprentice for Joseph Neilson at Monticello. Several children of Betty Brown, sister of Sally Hemings, were named Colbert: Burwell, Brown, Melinda and Mary. They were born between 1783 and 1801. Two other children by Betty Brown -- Edwin and Robert -- may or may not be Colbert descendantgs.
Richard Allen C...
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Researching Colbert children born to Betty Brown, sister of Sally Hemings: Burwell, Brown, Melinda and Mary. They were born between 1783 and 1801. Also interested in two other children of Betty Brown -- Edwin and Robert -- who may or may not have gone under the surname Colbert. My family has gone under the surnames Calvert, Colvard and Colbert since arriving in Virginia in 1636. Autosomal DNA from Family Tree DNA and indicates that my family is related to the Hemings's and Jefferson's. In the 1750's Benjamin Calvert/Colvard/Colbert moved to Albemarle County, VA and made his living as a carpenter. Between 1778 and 1779 his sixteen year-old son Benjamin Colvard/Colbert Jr. was an apprentice carpenter/joiner at Monticello under Joseph Neilson, Jefferson's chief carpenter. Ben Sr. also had other sons William and Alexander. When Benjamin Colvard Sr died in 1786, Ben Jr. became the sole owner of his father's carpenter shop in Charlottesville and, on occasion, hired slaves from Thomas Jefferson who were trained as carpenters to work for him. Example: Ben Jr. hired David Hern, one of Jefferson's slaves, to work for him between 1791 and 1792. Benjamin Colvard Sr.'s last will and testament was witnessed by Jesse Payne, Nicholas Lewis, Jr., William Day and Stephen Hughes on 11 Feb 1786. Alexander Colvard and his brother-in-law George Bruce also owned land adjacent to Monticello. (Land bought 14 April 1791).
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That is spurious -

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