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The 'Edgehill Portrait' of Thomas Jefferson by Gilbert Stuart

Worth Nothing — The Life of Nance Hemings

Engraving of John Trumbull's "The Declaration of Independence"

The Acorns on the Fireplace Entablature in Jefferson's Chamber

Parlor Parquet Floor

"Opposed in Death": Jefferson's bust of Alexander Hamilton

The Houdon bust of Lafayette

Salome Bearing the Head of St. John the Baptist

The Great Clock

The Mather Brown Portraits of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Thomas Jefferson and Robert Fulton

Windows and Light at Monticello

Apple Tasting at Monticello

200th Anniversary of the University of Virginia

Thomas Jefferson Drives Fast

2017 Heritage Harvest Festival

Thomas Jefferson's Phaeton

Constructing an Elliptical Arch

Tips for Growing from Seeds

Jefferson's Tombstone and his Three Greatest Achievements

Monticello's Cisterns

Thomas Jefferson's Daily Ride

The Fry-Jefferson Map of Virginia

Dumbwaiters at Monticello

South Pavilion Kitchen Videos

Thomas Jefferson's Obelisk Clock


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