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Read what Monticello staff members and guest authors have to say about Jefferson, Monticello, and how they experience Jefferson's experiment every day.

The latest Journal of Southern History (volume LXXIV no. 4, or 74 for us Roman-numerically-...More >>
For my Fake TJ Stories files, and for the edification of our 6 devoted readers, I offer the...More >>
The arrival of the latest William and Mary Quarterly (or WMQ , as I affectionately call it) has...More >>
It's not quite brand new, but a number of our staff were positively googly-eyed over this book, so I thought it worth mentioning: A Pattern Book of Tools and Household Goods , published by the Early American Industries Association in cooperation with the " tMore >>
...and who doesn't, really? Well, this is the museum exhibit for you: "Feeding Desire: Design and...More >>
Sometimes it's a little scary how persistent apocryphal stories about Jefferson are. Case in point...More >>
Sometimes it seems an uphill battle, disabusing people of the notion that Jefferson is the source...More >>
A patron asked us about a very unusual quotation the other day: apparently someone, sometime said...More >>
For your reading enjoyment, here are some other possible names for this blog that we either came up with ourselves or that were submitted by creative family, friends and coworkers: A Nickel's Worth From TJ to you Blogocello Commonplace Review "Your Tomgnosis", Jeffereuna, or TJ Ousia (from a contestant armed with a Greek dictionary) Blog of the Revolution Sage of the Blogosphere Monticello Rumblings Annalou and TJ Too When in the course of blogging eventsMore >>
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Congratulations to John Ragosta, one of our former ICJS fellows, who has an article in the new...More >>



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