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Collaboration among libraries, archives, and museums

Jack Robertson
Melissa Renspie, Senior Communications Officer at OCLC, reports that, "our latest publication, a report on library, archive and museum collaboration by our contractor, Diane Zorich, and Program Officers G√ľnter Waibel and Ricky Erway, "Beyond the Silos of the LAMs: Collaboration Among Libraries, Archives and Museums," (.pdf: 334K/59pp) is now available on the RLG Programs Web site at "The report highlights lessons learned from five LAM workshops held at RLG Partner institutions in the US and the UK, and contains information about inspiring collaborative projects in campus environments. The bulk of the report, however, is dedicated to the catalysts which allow collaboration to thrive. These insights should be helpful to anyone who is trying to foster deeper working relationships. "Next year, you'll have the opportunity to hear from many of the workshop participants in person. The Committee on Archives, Libraries and Museums (CALM) has endorsed a series of panel presentations at ALA, SAA and AAM during 2009, which will give workshop participants from University of Edinburgh, Princeton University, the Smithsonian Institution, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Yale University a platform to share the progress their institutions have made in aligning the efforts of their collecting units to provide a better experience for their respective audiences."
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