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It's Journal of Southern History Time

Anna Berkes

The latest Journal of Southern History (volume LXXIV no. 4, or 74 for us Roman-numerically-challenged people) carries an article by former ICJS fellow Brian Steele, "Thomas Jefferson, Coercion, and the Limits of Harmonious Union" (pp. 823-854).  In the reviews section we have several items of note.  There's a review of our former colleague Kris Ray's book, Middle Tennessee, 1775-1825: Progress and Popular Democracy on the Southwestern Frontier (University of Tennessee Press, 2007).  Fortunately, the reviewer's only complaint seems to be that the book is too short.  I smell a sequel.  There's also a review of Susan Dunn's 2007 book, Dominion of Memories: Jefferson, Madison, and the Decline of Virginia.  Sadly, we do not have access to JSH online, so eager readers must visit us or another subscribing library in person.

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