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No shutdown for Monticello!

Monticello will remain open and operate as usual in the event of a federal shutdown this October 2013.

Monticello is owned and operated by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc., a private, nonprofit organization that receives no ongoing federal, state, or local support.


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Glad to hear it!
Emogene Schilling
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Great! Because we're coming in 2 weeks!
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Awesome! We are planning to come for the Harvest festival next month- I just bought plane tickets. After I heard about the earthquake, and confirmed that our family in Charlottesville and Richmond were fine, my first thought was hoping that Monticello had survived undamaged. Thank you for bosting.
MB in the Midwest
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Me and my wife just visited for our anniversary and it would be a great shame if something had happened to this wonderful house. It would be interesting to hear of any first hand accounts of what the earthquake was like in Jefferson's home. I guess the wise gentleman designed a sturdy home.
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