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A Piece of Americana

Anna Berkes
We recently received back a book that we had sent out to be repaired, namely The Bizarre Sisters, by Jay and Audrey Walz.  I've provided an image of the cover here for your delectation.  There was nothing wrong with the case or the text block - it was the dust jacket that was in need of some TLC, and when you see what it looks like, I'm sure you'll understand why we felt the need to preserve it for posterity. When I first came across this book in the stacks, I was immediately reminded of the old "nurse books," an intriguing romance sub-genre prevalent in the 1950's.  The Bizarre Sisters looks exactly like Cherry Ames: SuperNurse, except with big dresses and fans.  Although I doubt this book does much to encourage young girls to pursue a rewarding career in nursing.   For those unfamiliar with this particular episode in history, the Bizarre scandal was the Scopes trial of the eighteenth century, complete with murder, insanity, illicit affairs, and famous lawyers on both sides.   So, I give you a little piece of Americana: 18th-century true crime novelization dressed up in 1950's-era pseudo-romance novel packaging.  Priceless.  P.S.  For a version of the Bizarre scandal that includes footnotes, I've heard that Cynthia Kierner's Scandal at Bizarre is very good. 
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