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TJ faces the nation


Does the 44th share the view of the third? Is the presidency a "splendid misery?" While interviewing President Obama on Face the Nation yesterday, Bob Schieffer mentioned his recent visit to Monticello and its new visitor center, which will celebrate its grand opening on April 15. Here is a portion of the transcript of the show:

Schieffer: One more question, Mr. President. This week I went down to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, where they have this wonderful new visitor center. And one of the historians down there reminded me that Thomas Jefferson once said the presidency is a splendid misery. (LAUGHTER) But at the end of his term, he also said, quote, that "the presidency had brought him nothing but increasing drudgery and a daily loss of friends." (LAUGHTER) I just wonder, have you lost any friends yet?

President Obama: I don't think I've lost any friends! But I'm sure I've strained some friendships. Look, this is an invigorating job. In some ways, I feel incredibly fortunate to be in this job at a time where the presidency really matters. You know, I'm - this is not a caretaker presidency right now. Every decision we're making counts. And my team understands that.

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