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We almost called it...

Anna Berkes
For your reading enjoyment, here are some other possible names for this blog that we either came up with ourselves or that were submitted by creative family, friends and coworkers:
  • A Nickel's Worth
  • From TJ to you
  • Blogocello
  • Commonplace Review
  • "Your Tomgnosis", Jeffereuna, or TJ Ousia (from a contestant armed with a Greek dictionary)
  • Blog of the Revolution
  • Sage of the Blogosphere
  • Monticello Rumblings
  • Annalou and TJ Too
  • When in the course of blogging events
  • Litera Scripta Manet (or its English translation, “The Written Word Endures”)
  • Jefferson's House of Useful Knowledge
  • JLOg
  • Ivory Notebook(a reference to these)
  • Summary Journal (a reference to Jefferson's Summary Journal of Letters - his log of letters sent and received)
And a plethora of phrases pulled from TJ's writings that we had thought we could work into a title:
  • "the most consummate wisdom"
  • "I participate in all your hostility to blogs" (a play on TJ's comment, "I participate in all your hostility to dogs" - a no-go for obvious reasons)
  • Sanctum sanctorum
  • "Fire bell in the night"
  • "I Cannot Live without Blogs"
  • A Cabinet of Curiosities: The Jefferson Library Blog (this was a close second, but we didn't want people thinking we were writing a blog about amazing miniature stuffed mermaids and the like)
  • "Though an Old Man I am but a Young Blog"
  • "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Blogs"
  • Blog for the more General Diffusion of Knowledge
  • “small news” ("small news" being TJ's euphemism for, basically, gossip.  He used the phrase many times, but what caught my eye is an 18 August 1785 letter he wrote to Eliza House Trist from Paris, in which he entreats her to "...write to me often. Do not you turn politician too; but write me all the small news; the news about persons and not about states.  Tell me who die, that I may meet these disagreeable events in detail, and not all at once when I return: who marry, who hang themselves because they cannot marry &c. &c.")
So, there you have it.  Our profound thanks to everyone who suggested titles for the blog!
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