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What do you think would be on Thomas Jefferson’s desk if he were alive today?

Download the 2011-2012 School Tours BrochureThomas Jefferson viewed the world around him with the eye of a scientist. His interests were limitless, and he was always on the lookout for “useful knowledge,” new ideas, and inventions.

Keeping in mind that Mr. Jefferson was a man who embraced new technology, what items do you think he would have in his cabinet (or office) if he were alive today?  Would he have an e-reader?  Would he send a text or prefer to write a letter? Post your ideas for TJ’s 21st-century cabinet below. 

Check out the Monticello Explorer, "Drudging at the Writing Table" in the Jefferson section of this website, and the Cabinet in the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia.

Add your ideas using the comment box below. (Requires a login on this website. Students are welcome to provide fake email addresses.)


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