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Historic Gardens

Flower Gardens

Monticello was a botanic laboratory of ornamental and useful plants from around the world.

Vegetable Garden

Jefferson grew 330 vegetable varieties in Monticello's 1000-foot-long garden terrace.

Fruit Gardens

170 fruit varieties of apples, peaches, grapes, and more grew in Monticello's orchards.

Unique Features of the Grounds

The landscape around Monticello's gardens possess many unique features.

Garden Image Gallery

Images of Monticello's three main gardens, flower, fruit and vegetable.

More Features


johneh77's picture
years ago I remember seeing a garden show that featured a greenhouse. I'm sure it was at Monticello but my memory isn't perfect. The greenhouse was earth bermed or sunken and had a wood stove built into the back with apparent seed starting area on it. the stove was masonry that went the length of the back wall. I would like to know if that was indeed at Monticello or my memory is faulty also if anyone knows which show that was. I would love to get another look at that greenhouse so if anyone has a link to pictures or video please let me know. I have searched a lot of photos and am beginning to doubt my memory as I haven't seen anything about it at Monticello.
John H
luisdoportoalejandre's picture
Flower gardens are so beautiful.
Luis Doporto Al...


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