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Tulipa gesneriana cv.

The tulip was probably the most prominent and successful flower in the garden at Monticello. Bernard McMahon regularly sent the "best Tulips of Various kinds" including the spectacular parrot type, and he instructed they be "planted as directed on Page 258 of my book." Many of the varieties grown at Monticello had the striped flowers that were fashionable then, rather than solid colors.

Adapted from Thomas Jefferson's Flower Garden at Monticello by Edwin M. Betts and Hazlehurst Bottom Perkins; revised and enlarged by Peter J. Hatch.

Cultivars blooming at Monticello in 2018:

‘Duc van Tol Cochineal’               




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Growth Type: 
Reds, Yellow, White, Purple, Pink
Hardiness Zones: 
Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7, Zone 8
Location at Monticello: 
West Lawn
Planting Conditions: 
Dry and Warm
Blooming History: 
2001 Mar 4 to 2001 May 182003 Mar 31 to 2003 May 132004 Mar 29 to 2004 May 142005 Mar 29 to 2005 May 272006 Mar 16 to 2006 May 192008 Mar 24 to 2008 May 152009 Mar 27 to 2009 May 112010 Apr 2 to 2010 May 102011 Mar 15 to 2011 Apr 282012 Mar 9 to 2012 Apr 272013 Apr 11 to 2013 May 72014 Mar 20 to 2014 May 162015 Apr 1 to 2015 May 112016 Mar 21 to 2016 May 92017 Mar 20 to 2017 May 82018 Mar 8 to 2018 May 4
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