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Tour of Jefferson's Private Suite

Designed by Thomas Jefferson and "arranged according to his own taste & convenience,” this private suite of rooms reflects the mind of its architect. In 2017, curators and restoration experts restored and reinstalled the Bed Chamber, Cabinet and Library based on recent discoveries and new insights. The restored private suite reveals how Jefferson utilized the space between 1816 and 1826, after he had sold his large library to Congress. During this time in his retirement years, Jefferson founded and designed the University of Virginia, managed his plantation and spent time with the many individuals who lived at or visited Monticello. Explore each iconic room and Jefferson’s personal possessions on our interactive, 2D-virtual tour.

Jefferson's Bed Chamber

Jefferson's Cabinet

Jefferson's Library

The restoration of Jefferson’s private suite was generously supported by David M. Rubenstein, Grady and Lori Durham and family (the Cabinet), David and Susan Goode and family (the Bed Chamber) and Christopher J. Toomey (the Library).


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