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Sally Hemings's Children: Eston Hemings

Sally Hemings’s youngest son, Eston Hemings (1808-1856), was also freed in Jefferson’s will.  He married a free woman of color, Julia Ann Isaacs, and moved to Chillicothe, Ohio, in the late 1830s.  For a dozen years he led a very successful dance band there; he was also a carpenter.The family moved in 1852 to Madison, Wisconsin, where they used the surname Jefferson and lived as white people. 

Their descendants include:

Lt. Col. John Wayles Jefferson (1835-1892) in 1864, a Union officer.Beverly Frederick Jefferson (1839-1908), owner of a hotel and transfer companyCarl Smith Jefferson (1876-1941)

Mary Jefferson and her son Colby Boggs, Getting Word participantsGetting Word participants Julia Jefferson Westerinen and family


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