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Slave Dwellings

Five log dwellings for slaves were located on Mulberry Row in 1796. The Mulberry Row cabins were occupied mainly by household servants -- women who did the cooking, washing, house cleaning, sewing, and child tending.

The log cabins range in size from 12'x14' to 12'x20 1/2', with earth floors and wooden chimneys. Jefferson provided little in the way of furnishings -- a few cooking implements and bedding.

Archaeological excavations at these sites uncovered the cabin foundations, small brick-lined root cellars (in which slaves stored food and kept personal possessions), and thousands of discarded artifacts.

Not all slaves lived on Mulberry Row. A small number who were household servants lived in rooms in the basement-level dependency wings of Monticello, and others lived in cabins located elsewhere at Monticello and outlying farms.

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