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Charles Everett

Charles Everett (d. 1848)[1] was a physician for James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, and his family. Jefferson first mentions him in 1798, and a letter from Martha Jefferson Randolph to Jefferson placed his presence in the Charlottesville area by 1803.[2] In 1806, he had purchased Charlottesville lots fifty-nine, seventy-three, and seventy-four where he made his office and stable.[3]

Everett moved to Belmont seven miles east of town in 1813. By this time Everett was serving his first term in the House of Delegates. (He would also serve from 1814-1818.) In 1820, he purchased a 400 acre tract called Pouncey's from Jefferson, and from then on the area was known as Everettville. He died unmarried, freeing his slaves and willing his estate to his nephew, Dr. Charles D. Everett.


Primary Source References[4]

1798 March 5. "Pd. for a book for Doctr. Everard 1.50."[5]

1800 April 17. "Gave Dr. Jackson ord. on J. Barnes for...43.14 for Doctr. Everett."[6]

1800 July 30. "Recd. of Dr. Everet balance due me 5.20."[7]

1800 August 4. "Recd. of Dr. Everett further balance 2.D. Note I have allowed him in his account 8.D. for Jas. Dinsmore."[8]

1805 February 28. (Martha Jefferson Randolph to Jefferson). "I was for one night and part of the next very ill, and having what I never in my life had before thought myself dying whilst in it. Doctor Everett says it is not uncommon in the complaint I had, which was brought on by cold in the first instance."[9]

1806 September 28. "Gave Dr. Everett ord. on J. Kelly for 5-2-2 which wit his nail acct 2-6-10 pays his acct. for services to July 22. 7-9-0."[10]

1806 September 30. "Recd. from J. Kelly 40.59 which with ante Sep. 28...Everett 17.03..."[11]

1808 July 5. "Inclosed to E.Bacon towit for...Dr. Everett 55.83."[12]

1809 November 2. "Drew on Gibson & Jefferson for 24.D. in favr. of Dr. Chas. Everett his acct. from 09. Jan. 25. to Nov. 21. 08."[13]

1811 June 24. "Drew orders on Gibson & Jefferson in favor of Dr. Charles Everett 42.20."[14]

1812 May 1. "Put into Mr. Bacon's hands 135.D. to pay the followg. debts...Dr. Frank Carr, medical acct. 34. Dr. Everett do. 16.67."[15]

1813 July 28. "Delivd. E. Bacon 294.76 to make the followg. paiments [sic] to Doctr. Charles Everett medical acct. 21."[16]

1815 April 6. "Paid an old acct. of Dr. Chas. Everett 3.D."[17]

1820 July 13. "Recieved [sic] of Dr. Charles Everett a bill of exchange drawn by him on James Maury of Liverpool in favr. of Th:J. Randolph acting for me, for L240-15s-8d= 1070.15 D. in part payment for 400. as. land called Pouncey's which I have sold him @ 12.50 per acre. He is to pay on the 1st. day of August the further sum of 1929.85 D. and 2000.D. on the day of next."[18]

1820 August 9. "Recd. from Chas. Everett (thro Th:J.R.) 1000.D. ante July 13."[19]

1820 October 19. "He recd. for me from Charles Everett 929.85 (ante July 13.) which with the 1000.D. ante Aug. 9. compleated [sic] Everett's payment of 1929.85..."[20]

1821 April 13. "Recd. from Dr. Everett 646.51 in anticipation of the payment he has to make July 1. See ante July 13.20."[21]

1821 May 24. "Recd. of Doctr. Everett 350.D. anticipation. Se Apr. 13."[22]

1821 July 24. "Recd. of Dr. Everett 450.D."[23]

1821 August 17. "Recd. on acct. Dr. Charles Everett A. Garretts's order on V.W. Southall for 500.D. Inclosed it to Wm. Barret for Miller."[24]

1821 October 2. "Gave my note to Pasquil Fretwell for 45.D. for a mule...Note this was pd. by Th:J.R. with money recd. from Dr. Everett."[25]

Jefferson-Everett Correspondence

  • Charles Everett to Jefferson. 1 November 1810. PTJ:RS, 3:196.
  • Jefferson to Everett. 24 June 1811. PTJ:RS, 4:9.
  • Jefferson to Everett. 21 July 1820. Copy at Massachusetts Historical Society.
  • Everett to Jefferson. 21 July 1820. Copy at Massachusetts Historical Society.


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