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Charles Wingfield, Jr.

Charles Wingfield, Jr. (d. 1819) was a magistrate and sheriff in Albemarle County. He lived 14 miles southwest of Monticello at Bellair on the Hardware River. Family tradition states he was an Episcopal minister,[1] and Thomas Jefferson's records show that he paid Wingfield to officiate at several people's funerals, including that of his sister.

Primary Source References[2]

1797 April 20. "Accepted Chas. L. Lewis's ord. in favr. Chas. Wingfield for £12 to be paid in nails."[3]

1797 August 10. "Cr. by nails furnished C. Wingfield on his order ante. Apr. 20 £12-0-0."[4]

1799 August 6. "Recd. of Charles Wingfield £3-17-5 due some time for nails."[5]

1800 September 1. "Assumd. to C. Wingfield for John Perry 40.D. to be pd. by Colo. Bell."[6]

1811 September 11. "Pd. Mr. Wingfield officiating at my sister Carr's funeral 20.D."[7]

1812 June 8. "Pd. Mr. Wingfield officiating at the burial of Wm. Moreton Harrison 10.D."[8]


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