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Extent of Jefferson's Travels

Thomas Jefferson spent the large majority of his life inside his native Virginia, with travels and temporary residency in Philadelphia, New York, New England, and Europe. Staff members at Monticello are often asked whether Jefferson ever traveled to a given place. Provided below are the farthest points of his travels, including north, south, east, and west.


  • Inside the United States: Chimney Point, Vermont (1791) (44° 2′ 10″ North, 73° 25′ 5″ West)1
  • Outside the United States: Birmingham, England (1786) (52° 28′ 59″ North, 1° 53′ 37″ West)2


  • Inside the United States: Norfolk, Virginia (1789)3
  • Outside the United States: On the voyage back from France, Jefferson recorded a latitude of 35° 40' on October 16, 1789.4


  • Inside the United States: Portsmouth, New Hampshire (1784)5
  • Outside the United States: Milan, Italy (1787)6


  • Falling Spring Falls, Virginia (37° 52' 03" North, 79° 56' 53" West)7
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