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Hore Browse Trist

Hore Browse Trist (1802–1856), second son of Mary Louisa Brown and Hore Browse Trist and known as Browse to the family, was born 19 March 1802 in Virginia. That same year, his father was appointed by Thomas Jefferson to the post of customs collector in Natchez, Louisiana Territory. Browse, his mother, and older brother Nicholas Philip Trist initially remained behind in Virginia, then joined him in Louisiana in 1803. Unfortunately, Hore Browse Trist, Sr., died of yellow fever in 1804. Mary Brown Trist later married Philip Livingston Jones, a lawyer who enrolled Nicholas and Browse in school in New Orleans. Jones died about 1810 and Mary Brown Trist Jones then married St. Julien Tournillon, a wealthy cotton and sugar planter. As an adult, Browse managed “Bowden,” the family sugar plantation in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, Louisiana, and maintained a correspondence with Nicholas. He married Marie Élizabeth Rosella Bringier and they had five children, four of whom survived to adulthood. Nicholas assisted Browse with the education of his sons Nicholas Browse, Julien, and Nicholas Philip. Browse died on 16 November 1856 in Louisiana.

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