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Other Thomas Jeffersons

The following is a list of other men named Thomas Jefferson living in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.  Much of this information has been provided to us by descendants of the Thomas Jeffersons in question.  Unless otherwise noted, these men do not have a known genealogical connection to the third president.  If you have corrections or additions to our list, please contact us.

  • Thomas Jefferson (ca. 1733-1783), son of Field Jefferson (1702-1765) - Thomas Jefferson's first cousin.  President Jefferson wrote about this cousin in a letter to Benjamin Rush, "I have myself known so many cases of recovery from confirmed insanity, as to reckon it ever among the recoverable diseases. one of these was that of a near relation and namesake of mine, who after many years of madness of the first degree, became entirely sane, & amused himself to a good old age in keeping school; was an excellent teacher, & much valued citizen."1
  • Thomas Jefferson, Jr. (1783-1876), son of Randolph Jefferson - Thomas Jefferson's nephew2
  • Thomas Jefferson, party to a lawsuit in Tazewell County, Virginia, 1810-11
  • Thomas W. Jefferson (1810/1811-1885+) of Wheeling, West Virginia - cigarmaker; served in Civil War
  • Thomas Jefferson (d. 1875) of Philadelphia - father of Thomas Jefferson (d. 1924)
  • Thomas Jefferson (1803-1886+) of Baltimore - married Elizabeth Smallstradt in 1825; father died at sea.  Lived in Baltimore until 1831, when they moved to Louisville, Kentucky.  Sons were Thomas Lewis Jefferson (1826-1886+); William Henry Jefferson (1829-1831); John Frederick Jefferson (1833-1886+); William Franklin Jefferson (1835-1841); Henry Theodore Jefferson (1840-1886+)
  • Thomas Madison Jefferson: buried in Louisiana; father of Thomas Madison Jefferson, buried in Liberty County, Texas.
  • 1. Jefferson to Rush, January 16, 1811, in PTJ:RS, 4:304.  See also MB, 1:214.
  • 2. See MB, 2:1007.
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