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Diplomacy and Transitioning Governments: Critical Lessons

Robert H. Smith Center at Montalto
Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 8:00am to 3:30pm

Massive transitions have been and are challenging the forms of government in the Arab world, toppling regimes in Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, and Egypt. Protest movements and insurgencies in Latin America and South Asia contribute to the need for the United States to be prepared to confront regime change and manage the pursuit of our interests in turbulent times. Yet transition is not new. The past has lessons of successes, failures and limitations that remain relevant for policy formulation and the conduct of American diplomacy. This conference, co-hosted by the American Academy of Diplomacy and the International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello, is intended to define the roles and requirements of American diplomats in times of foreign political transition.

Keynote Speaker The Honorable Lord Paddy Ashdown will join American Ambassadors Margaret Scobey, Jack Matlock, Thomas McNamara, and other experts to discuss this important topic. Historical cases from Latin America, the Soviet Union, and Egypt will be presented.

This is a free, one day conference, open to the general public. Registration is required.



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