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Venues for private events at Monticello

TO UNDERSTAND THOMAS JEFFERSON, one must understand Monticello, his autobiographical statement. Monticello encompassed a house, an ornamental landscape, a farm, a plantation, a small mountain, and a large and diverse community. It encompassed the interests, talents ideals, ambitions, and realities of its creative and complex owner. Unsurpassed in elegance and style, our venues will fulfill your every vision. Our third President’s historic grounds offer a variety of inspired settings. 



Montalto, Jefferson’s “high mountain,” offers a stunning 360-degree panorama including a view to Monticello—Jefferson’s iconic house and plantation.

The Jefferson Library, the first free standing library dedicated to the study of a founding father, combines the power of place with the power of ideas.

The David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center and Carl and Hunter Smith Education Center stands as a beautiful gateway to Jefferson’s timeless Monticello.

Nestled in the white oak forest of Monticello Mountain, the Robert H. and Clarice Smith Woodland Pavilion reflects the natural beauty of Monticello.

To discuss your plans for hosting an unforgettable event at Monticello, contact us at 434.984.9821 or email


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