Recollections of Madison Hemings

Hemings, whose recollections were recorded in 1873, gave his history in a matter-of-fact manner, referring to Jefferson as his father a number of times.

Life of Isaac Granger Jefferson

Dictated to the Reverend Charles Campbell in 1847, Issac Jefferson's recollections provide a vivid account of the life of young enslaved boy at Monticello. (Links to the Encyclopedia Virginia.)

Recollections of Peter Fossett

Peter Fossett, who was sold away from his family after Jefferson's death, remembers Monticello and tells his life story in 1898.

Interview with Fountain Hughes

A 1949 interview with Fountain Hughes, whose grandfather was owned by Jefferson, is among the few surviving sound recordings of former slaves.

Getting Word: African American Families of Monticello

Hear the stories of the descendants of Monticello's plantation community and trace their families from slavery to the present day.