Statement on the Report by TJF President Daniel P. Jordan

  1. Committee Charge and Overview
  2. Assessment of DNA Study
  3. Review of Documentary Sources
  4. Research Findings and Implications
  5. Assessment of Possible Paternity of Other Jeffersons
  6. Conclusions

.PDF version of Report (contains more information than HTML version)

.PDF of Minority Report



  1. Articles in the journal Nature (links are to article summaries; full text available to subscribers or with paid access):
    Eugene A. Foster et al., "Jefferson Fathered Slave's Last Child," November 5, 1998
    Eric S. Lander and Joseph J. Ellis, "Founding Father," November 5, 1998
    Eugene A. Foster et al., Reply: The Thomas Jefferson paternity case, letter to editor, January 7, 1999
  2. Views of scientists consulted
    Dr. Kenneth K. Kidd, Professor of Genetics, Yale University, January 1999
    Dr. Mark Lovell, Director of the Molecular Biology Laboratory, University of Virginia School of Medicine, January 1999
    Dr. David Page, Associate Director, Whitehead Institute, MIT Center for Genome Research, December 1998
    Dr. Bruce Stillman, Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, February 1999
  3. Hemings and Jefferson family trees (not presently available -- pertinent information is found in Appendix J and Appendix H)
  4. Foundation statement of November 1, 1998 (.PDF)
  5. Table of Contents of Relevant Primary Documents (.PDF)
  6. Review of primary documentary evidence (.PDF)
  7. Oral History in the Hemings Family
  8. Compilation of documentary information on Sally Hemings and her children
  9. Statistical study of the relationship between Thomas Jefferson's presence at Monticello and Sally Hemings's conceptions (article published in the William and Mary Quarterly, January 2000) (.PDF)
  10. Summary of research on the possible paternity of other Jeffersons
  11. Assessment of Thomas C. Woodson connection to Sally Hemings