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" times like these, public offices are, what they should be, burthens to those appointed to them which it would be wrong to decline, though foreseen to bring with them intense labor and great private loss."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1779

Wartime Governor ... Legislation ... The British Invasion

Wartime Governor

Thomas Jefferson as Governor of Virginia In this recorded livestream, first person interpreter Bill Barker describes Thomas Jefferson's controversial service as wartime Governor of Virginia.
Two Tumultuous Terms Explore the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia article on Governor Jefferson's time in office.


"...our whole code must be reviewed, adapted to our republican form of government..."

-Thomas Jefferson

The British Invasion

"British horse came to Monticello."

     -Thomas Jefferson, June 4, 1781

Jefferson was harshly criticized for his performance as Virginia's wartime Governor, and he was nearly captured by British cavalry. 

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Thomas Jefferson

In this short biography, R. B. Bernstein looks at all of Jefferson's triumphs, contradictions, and failings.

In Pursuit of Reason

This single-volume biography of Thomas Jefferson by Noble E. Cunningham, Jr., one of America's foremost scholars on Jefferson, discusses key points in Jefferson's life.

Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty

John B. Boles plumbs every facet of Thomas Jefferson's life, including Jefferson the politician and political thinker; the architect; scientist; bibliophile; paleontologist; musician; and gourmet.