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Increasingly I'm coming to believe that I'm totally wasting my time in assiduously searching all sorts of websites, databases and books to figure out whether or not Thomas Jefferson is the source of a given quote. Really (I tell myself), if it quacks like a duck, it's most likely a duck. Or, in my case, if it sounds like a Hallmark card or a self-help book, it's probably not from the pen of Thomas Jefferson. Just to entertain you, here are some of my favorite silly quotes that people have attributed to Jefferson:More >>
Here at the Jefferson Library we are great consumers of pie, leftover food, and quirky publishers' catalogs. (Also Alpenland catalogs.) For the past month we've been amusing ourselves with the Shire Books catalog - you can buy entire books on things like perambulators and village pumps and...More >>
Guesty commentary Economists have not-as a general rule-been kind to Jefferson or his financial legacy, preferring instead Hamilton for stabilizing the nation’s weak post-war finances and Adams for avoiding costly commercial or military conflict. They have a point, and even sympathetic historians...More >>
This month's Magazine Antiques features an article by Cybèle Gontar on Campeachy (Campeche) chairs - the article is heavy on the TJ content. Campeachy chairs , for those who may be unfamiliar with them, are curious low-slung neo-something pieces of furniture, of which Jefferson was inordinately fond and owned several. Sitting in one shifts your center of gravity in such a way that they are right tricky to get out of.More >>
Dear American Heritage Dictionary , 4th edition (2009): Hello! How are you? Ahem. It has recently come to my attention that your definition of Founding Father (capitalized) reads thusly: "A member of the convention that drafted the U.S. Constitution in 1787." Now, as you may know, Thomas Jefferson...More >>
Guesty commentary Financial crises are nothing new in American history. The Panic of 1819 was the first of them, and it was one about which Jefferson had strong feelings. For several years, he had been watching the unregulated banking system of the time careen wildly out of control and predicted...More >>
Unfortunately it's been a bizarre week for us here (hence the dearth of blog entries), but I did want to highlight our new exhibit, which is singularly appropriate for Mothers' Day. It features Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks, mother of Meriwether Lewis . Lucy was a healer/midwife/doctor person who...More >>
What make of car would Jefferson drive? What make of car would Jefferson drive? (use "Other" to suggest model or a make/model not listed) ( poll ) Post a comment with your suggestion.More >>
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Reference question: For whom is Carolina Ramsay Randolph (Thomas Jefferson's great-granddaughter, daughter of his oldest grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph) named? Search strategy: Search the Family Letters Project for nice letter saying "Today we had a baby girl and named her Carolina Ramsay...More >>
Invocations and indictments of Jefferson often appear in unlikely places. But in relation to a remake of a corny 1970s TV space saga? Hmm. Seems like a jump worthy of an FTL drive. But if you like history, science fiction, or literary criticism, you might enjoy this Sarah Yahm review of the series...More >>



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