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Unfortunately it's been a bizarre week for us here (hence the dearth of blog entries), but I did want to highlight our new exhibit, which is singularly appropriate for Mothers' Day. It features Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks, mother of Meriwether Lewis . Lucy was a healer/midwife/doctor person who...More >>
What make of car would Jefferson drive? What make of car would Jefferson drive? (use "Other" to suggest model or a make/model not listed) ( poll ) Post a comment with your suggestion.More >>
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Reference question: For whom is Carolina Ramsay Randolph (Thomas Jefferson's great-granddaughter, daughter of his oldest grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph) named? Search strategy: Search the Family Letters Project for nice letter saying "Today we had a baby girl and named her Carolina Ramsay...More >>
Invocations and indictments of Jefferson often appear in unlikely places. But in relation to a remake of a corny 1970s TV space saga? Hmm. Seems like a jump worthy of an FTL drive. But if you like history, science fiction, or literary criticism, you might enjoy this Sarah Yahm review of the series...More >>
I was unaware of this, but it seems that our beloved local apple, the Albemarle Pippin , is in fact a native of New York (just like Your Correspondent, here). The Big Apple has decided to get serious about jettisoning the image of the vile-tasting but very photogenic Red Delicious Apple in favor of...More >>
Some weeks ago a book was returned to us, and its back cover caught my eye. As it happens, the book itself, as well as its author, are well worth examination, even though they seem not to be as well known as they should be. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, Marie Goebel Kimball was...More >>
Citing President Jefferson's historic battle against the Barbary pirates, Chuck Norris calls for similar action against present-day "sea radicals." Read why Walker, Texas Ranger wants the United States to deliver a Thomas Jefferson-style, roundhouse kick to the Somali pirates who menace commercial...More >>
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Cue the angel chorus! At long long long last, the Papers of Thomas Jefferson are now available online ! (And this morning I see that the site is already down. Perhaps we have already loved it to death. I'm sure it will be back up presently.) The site currently provides the full content, including...More >>
Our unofficial motto here at the Jefferson Library is "A Good Place to Eat," so it seems highly appropriate that this week we are hosting a lecture on food (at which there will also be food, or so I'm told - I hope that means fried things!): Early American Southern Cuisine Nancy Carter Crump, a...More >>
As newspapers' budgets, circulations and newsrooms shrink, Gene Policinski of the First Amendment Center takes the opportunity to revisit the Jeffersonian idea of the press as government watchdogs, suggesting that the decline of newspapers and the rise of elMore >>
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