The ICJS fellowship program for domestic and international scholars promotes research of Jefferson’s life and times and the community at Monticello.  Since its founding, the ICJS has hosted over 400 domestic and international scholars from the U.S. and 25 countries around the world, including Pulitzer-Prize winning historians Alan Taylor and Jack Rakove.  The Center offers short-term fellowships that allow researchers and teachers to consult with Monticello scholars and librarians and to utilize the resources of the Jefferson Library and the University of Virginia libraries. Projects using the Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery or the Getting Word African American Oral History Project are encouraged.

Current Fellowship Programs

Short-term Fellowships

Short-term fellowships for Jefferson-related projects: First Union and Batten (Domestic Scholars) and Peter Nicolaisen International Fellowships

DAACS Fellowships

Fellowships for Projects Related to the Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS)

Fellow's Forums

At the end of their fellowships, our short-term fellow present on their current research project. Click here for recordings of our Fellow's Forums!

A list of recent ICJS and Barringer Fellows is available.

Short-term fellowships are underwritten by endowments established for this purpose by the Batten Foundation and Wachovia Corporation (formerly First Union National Bank of Virginia).