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Read what Monticello staff members and guest authors have to say about Jefferson, Monticello, and how they experience Jefferson's experiment every day.

The American Institute of Architects is recognizing "excellence in architectural advocacy" this week by announcing the winners of the Thomas Jefferson Award: Phillip Freelon, Roger Boothe and Donald Stastny. Interior Design has the story .More >>
The Library of Virginia announced in its latest e-newsletter that they have launched two (2) shiny new websites. The new main library website is at (which, among its many other fine qualities, is a URL slightly easier to remember than its predecessor, http://www.lva.lib...More >>
Just a quick note regarding the one item that caught my eye in the latest William & Mary Quarterly : Seth Cotlar of Willamette University reviews Gary Nash's and Graham Hodges' book Friends of Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Tadeusz Kościuszko*, and Agrippa Hull: A Tale of Three Patriots, Two...More >>
There have been a flood of news stories about the dramatic increases in usage of public libraries across the country, attributed to the economic recession the country is experiencing. Way more practical than going out and consoling yourself by buying a tube of lipstick (speaking as a woman, I don't...More >>
I do apologize for the slight dry spell in Summary View entries - last week seems to have gotten away from us. I blame our snow day-and-a-half. At any rate, I realized that one topic I have not gotten around to bloviating about is our book-purchasing activities. Here's our procedure: people ask me...More >>
In a recent posting on the Newsweek Web site, a descendant of Sally Hemings pens a letter to Thomas Jefferson on the occasion of Barack Obama's inauguration. "The unfulfilled ideals of democracy which I am certain burdened your heart are closer to fulfillment," writes Clara Lee Fisher. "Slavery is...More >>
Intrepid visitors to Monticello's web site may have already caught the announcement, but I wanted to bring it to the attention of the loyal readers of our friendly blog here: Just before the presidential inauguration, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation launched "a new Web site that highlights the...More >>
Helen Cripe, who wrote The Book on Jefferson and all things music , has been hanging out with us at the library for the last month, which has been pretty cool. She's been working on re-configuring her magnum opus into the next Monticello Monograph. (Personally, I've been getting a big kick out of...More >>
Well, I've missed our President's actual inauguration by several days, but I'd like to belatedly commemorate the occasion by offering an intriguing historical tidbit about - yes! - Jefferson's first inauguration . The point I'd like to address (ha ha, pun alert) may seem a bit ridiculously minor to...More >>
Everyone knows that Thomas Jefferson loved wine, but did you know that he also brewed his own beer at Monticello? In Wednesday's Washington Post , Jenny Mayo writes about a recent trip to Monticello, her first stop on the up-and-coming Charlottesville, Va., beer trail. Mayo writes: "It turns out...More >>



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