Dwarf Flowering Almond

Prunus glandulosa 'rosea plena'


This showy flowering shrub is native to central and northern China and was long cultivated in Japan before its introduction to the West in 1774. In 1794 Thomas Jefferson noted "dble blossd almond" in a list of "Objects for the garden this year" and planted them in his nursery. He also cultivated this ornamental shrub in clumps on the west and south slopes of Monticello. In the 1806 edition of his book, The American Gardener's Calendar, Philadelphia nurseryman Bernard McMahon recommended forcing the plant into flower by bringing it into the hot-house in February. The double-flowering sorts were popular shrubs in Victorian and Edwardian gardens.

Growth Type: Woody Shrub Color(s): pink white Hardiness Zones: 4 - 10 Location at Monticello: West Lawn Oval Bed Planting Conditions: Full Sun Map it: 38.010557,-78.452520

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Blooming Dates 2004: Apr 8 – May 12005: Apr 5 – May 112006: Mar 31 – Apr 202007: Mar 28 – Apr 252008: Mar 24 – Apr 252009: Mar 27 – Apr 242010: Apr 6 – Apr 232012: Mar 19 – Apr 92013: Apr 11 – May 152014: Apr 9 – May 7