Tulip 'Duc van Tol Max Cramoisi'

Tulipa gesnerana 'Duc van Tol Max Cramoisi'


Slightly bigger than the other Ducs and a wonderfully bright red, 'Max Cramoisi' was introduced circa 1700 and starred in thousands of 18th-century parterres and 19th-century carpet-beds.

Blooms very early, 5-7 inches, zones 5-7.

Growth Type: Bulb Color(s): red Hardiness Zones: 5 - 7 Location at Monticello: West Lawn Winding Flower Walk Planting Conditions: Full sun Map it: 38.010162,-78.452369

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Blooming Dates 2011: Mar 15 – Apr 282012: Mar 9 – Apr 272013: Mar 11 – May 12014: Mar 20 – Apr 23