Urumiya Tulip

Tulipa urumiensis


Urumiya Tulip is a dwarf species from Iran and Turkey, with narrow leaves and bright golden yellow flowers which are bronzed on the outer side with reddish brown ribs. It is a long-flowering miniature botanical tulip, which holds both its leaves & flowers close to the ground. April blooms are followed by ornamentally appealing seed heads. It is native to the northern shore of Lake Urumiya in Azerbaijan, and is named for that lake. It also grows along Lake Rezaiyeh in northwestern Iran.

Growth Type: Bulb Color(s): yellow Hardiness Zones: 10 Location at Monticello: West Lawn Planting Conditions: Full Sun Map it: 38.009748,-78.453374

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Blooming Dates 2014: Apr 4 – May 7