Books on American Geography in Thomas Jefferson's Library

Theatrvm Orbis Terrarvm by Abraham Ortelius (1752-1598).

The American Atlas: or, A Geographical Description of the Whole Continent of America: wherein are delineated at large, its several Regions, Countries, States, and Islands; and chiefly the British Colonies, composed from numerous Surveys, several of which were made by Order of Government by Thomas Jefferys. [1787]

Atlas Ameriquain Septentrional contenant les details des differentes provinces, de ce vaste Continent by Georges Louis Le Rouge.

The American universal geography, or a view of the present state of all the empires, kingdoms, states, and republics in the known world, and of the United States of America in particular. In two parts. by Jedidiah Morse ("father of American Geography" 1761-1826)

The American Gazetteer, exhibiting, in alphabetical order, a much more full and accurate Account, than has been given, of the States, Provinces, Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages, Rivers, Bays, Harbours, Gulfs, Sounds, Capes, Mountains, Forts, Indian Tribes, & New Discoveries, on the American Continent, also of the West-India Islands, and other Islands appendant to the Continent, and those newly discovered in the Pacific Ocean .with a particular Description of the Georgia Western Territory by Jedidiah Morse.

Tableau de la Situation Actuelle des états-Unis d' Amérique, d'après Jedidiah Morse et les meilleurs Auteurs Américains, by Charles Pictet.

The English Pilot

Description generale des Costes de l'Amerique, Harves, Isles, Caps, Golfes, Bancs, Ecueils, Basses, profondeurs, vents & courans d'eau by F. Dassié.

Recherches Philosophiques sur les Americains, ou Mémoires intéressants pour servir àl'Histoire de l"Espece Humaine by Cornelis de Pauw.

Thomas Jefferson to Marquis de Chastellux June 7, 1785
".Paw, the beginner of this charge was a compiler from the works of others; and of the most unlucky description; for he seems to have read the writings of travellers only to collect and republish their lives. it is really remarkeable that in three volumes 12mo. of small print it is scarcely possible to find one truth, and yet that the author should be able to produce authority for every fact he states, as he says he can." [1788]

Le Lettere Americane by Giovanni Rinaldo, Conte Carli.

Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Delaplaine August 28, 1814
".The book from which I cut the print of Vaspucius which I sent you has the following title and date. 'Elogio d'Amerigo Vespucci che ha ripartoto il premio dalla nobile academia Etrusca di Cartona nel di 15. d' Ottobre de'll anno 1788. del P. Stanislao Canovai delle scuole pie publico professore di fisica Matematica, in Firenze 1788. nella stamp. di Pietro Allegrini.' this print is unquestionably from the same original in the gallery in Florence from which my copy was also taken. the portrait is named in the catalogue of Vasari, and mentioned also by Bandini in his life of Americus Vaspucius, but neither gives it's history-both tell us there was a portrait of Vespucius taken by Domenico, and a fine head of him by Da Vinci, which however are lost, so that it would seem that this of Florence is the only one existing.."

Vita e Lettere di Amerigo Vespvcci Gentilvomo Fiorentino by Angelo Maria Bandini.

Pvrchas his Pilgrimage. Or Relations of the World and the Religions observed in all Ages and Places discouered, from the Creation vnto this Present by Samel Purchas.

Delle Navigation et Viaggi by Giovanni Battista Ramusio.

The Great or American Voyages by Theodor de Bry. [1789]

See Thomas Jefferson's correspondence with Van Damme, October 27, 1788, January 25, 1789, January 29, March 26, and May 3. See also, Thomas Jefferson correspondence with Joseph Delaplaine August 9, 1814, August 17, and August 28. See also Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, June 11, 1812.

Histore Vniverselle des Indes Occidentales et Orientales, et de la Conversion des Indiens by Cornelius Wytfliet.

Le Voyageur Françoise, ou la Connoissance de l'Ancien det du Noveau Monde mis au jour par M. l'Abbé Delaporte by Joseph de Laporte.

Nouvelle Relation de la Gaspesie, qui contient les Mours &la Religion des Sauvages Gaspesiens Porte-Croix, adorateurs du Soleil, & d'autres Peuples de l'Amerique Septentrionale, dite le Canada by Chrétien le Clercq.

Histoire des Aventuriers Flibustiers qui se sont signalés dans les Alexandre Oliver Exquemelin.

Relation de divers Voyages faits dans l'Afrique, dans l'Amerique, & aux Indes Occidentales by Le Sieur Dralsé de Grand-Pierre.

Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes Occidentales; contenant une Relation des differens Peuples qui habitent les environs du grand Fleuve Saint-Louis, appellé vulgairement le Mississipi; leur Religion; leur government; leursmo [sic]; leurs guerres & leur commerce by Jean Bernard Bossu.

Voyages autour du Monde, et vers les Deux Ples, par Terre et par Mer, pendant les Années 1767, 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1773, 1774 & 1776 by Pierre François Marie, Vicomte de Pagés.

Le Grand Voyage dv Pays des Hvrons, situé en l'Amerique vers la Mer douce, és derniers confines de la nouuelle France, dite Canada by Gabriel Sagard-Théodat.

New Voyages to North-America. Containing an Account of the several Nations of that vast Continent; their Customs, Commerce, and Way of Navigation upon the Lakes and Rivers; the several Attempts of the English and French to dispossess one another; with the Reasons for the Miscarriage of the former; and the various Adventures between the French, and the Iroquese Confederates of England from 1683 to 1694 by Louis Armand de Lom D'Arce, Baron de Lahontan.

Voyages du Baron de La Hontan dans l'Amerique Septentrionale, qui contiennent une Rélation des différens Peuples qui y habitent; la nature de leur maniére de faire la Guerre: l'Intérêt des François & Anglois dans le Commerce qui'ils font avec ces Nations; l'avantage que l'Angleterre peut retirer de ce Païs, étant en Guerre avec la France by Louis Armand de Lom D'Arce, Baron de Lahontan.

Three Years Travels throughout the Interior Parts of North-America, for more then Five Thousand Miles, containing an Account of the Great Lakes, and all the Lakes, Islands, and Rivers, Cataracts, Mountains, Minerals, Soil and Vegetable Productions of the North-West Regions of that vast Continent; with a Description of the Birds, Beasts, Reptiles, Insects, and Fishes peculiar to the Country by Jonathan Carver.

Mours des Sauvages Ameriquains, compares aux Mours des Premiers Temps by Joseph François Lafitau.

Avantures du Sr C. Le Beau, Avocat en Parlement, ou Voyage Curieux et Nouveau, parmi lex Sauvages de L'Amérique Septentrionale by Calude Le Beau.

The History of the American Indians; particularly those Nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia: containing an Account of their Origin, Language, Manners, Religious and Civil Customs, Laws, Form of Government, Punishments, Conduct in War and Domestic Life, their Habits, Diet, Agriculture, Manufactures, Diseases and Method of Cure, and other Particulars, sufficient to render it a complete Indian System by James Adair.

New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations of America by Benjamin Smith Barton.

The Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in North and South America by Thomas Jefferys.

Relation de ce qvi s'est passé en la Novvelle France és Année 1643. & 1644. Enuoyée au R. P. Iean Filleav, Prouincial de la Compagnie de Iesvs, en la Prouince de France by Barthélemy Vimont.

Histoire de la Novvelle-France by Marc Lescarbot.

Les Voyages de la Novvelle France Occidentale, dicte Canada, faits par le Sr de Champlain Xainctongeois, Capitaine pour le Roy en la Marine du Ponant, & toutes les Descouuertes qu'il a faits en ce païs depuis l'an 1603. iusques en l'an 1629. Où se voit comme ce pays a esté premierement descouuert par les François sous l'authorité de nos Roys tres-Chrestiens, insques au regne de sa Majesté à present regnante Lovis XIII. Roy de France & de Nauarre. Avec vn traitté des qualitez & conditions requises à vn bon & parfaict Nauigateur pour cogniostre la diuersité des Estimes qui se font en la Nauigation, les Marques & enseignements que la prouidence de Dieu à mises dans Mers pour redresser les Mariniers en leur route, sans lesquelles ils tomberoient en de grands dangers, et la maniere de bien dresser Cartes marines auec leurs Ports, Rades, Isles,Sondes, & autre chose necessaire à la Nauigation by Samuel de Champlain.

Histoire et Description Generale de la Nouvelle France, avec le Journal Historique d'un Voyage fait par ordre du Roi dans l'Amérique Septentrionnale by Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix.

A Journal of Two Visits made to some Nations of Indians on the West Side of the River Ohio, in the Years 1772 and 1773 by David Jones.

The Picture of New-York; or the Traveller's Guide, through the Commercial Metropolis of the United States by Samuel Latham Mitchill.

The Principall Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of the English nation, made by Sea or over Land, to the most remote and farthest distant Quarters of the earth at any time within the compasse of these 1500 Richard Hakluyt.

Virginia: More especially the South part thereof, Richly and truly valued: viz. the fertile Carolana, and no lesse excellent Isle of Roanoak, of Latitude from 31. to 37. Degr. relating the meanes of raysing infinite profits to the Adventurers and Planters. by Edward Williams.

The History of the British Dominions in North America: from the First Discovery of that vast Continent by Sebastian Cabot in 1497, to its present glorious Establishment as confirmed by the late Treat of Peace in 1763. 

A Concise Account of North America: containing a Description of the several British Colonies on that Continent, including the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, &c.. by Robert Rogers.

History of the Mission of the United Brethren among the Indians in North America by George Henry Loskiel.

An Excursion into Bethlehem & Nazareth, in Pennsylvania, in the year 1799; with a succinct History of the Society of United Brethren, commonly called Moravians by John Cosens Ogden.

Histoire géographique de la Nouvelle Ecosse, contenant le démêlés entre l'Angleterre & la France, au sujet de la possession de cette Province: où l'on en démontre l'importance, tant par rapport à notre Commerce, que pour la sûreté de nos autres Etablissmens dans l'Amerique Septentrionale: avec une exacte Description des Bayes, Ports, Lacs & Rivieres; de la Nature & des Productions du Pays, & des Moures & Usages des Indiens by Etienne de Lafargue.

An Account of the Present State of Nova S. Hollingsworth.

A Tour, through Upper and Lower Canada by John Cosens Ogden.

Voyages dans les ètats-Unis d'Amérique, fait en 1795, 1796 et 1797 by François Alexandre Frédéric, Duc de la Rochefougauld-Liancourt.

See Vol. 4, 5, 7, and 8 for references to Jefferson.

Travels through the Middle Settlements in North America. In the Years 1759 and 1760. By Andrew Burnaby.

Letters from an American Farmer: describing certain provincial Situations, Manners, and Customs, not generally known; and conveying some Idea of the Late and Present Interior circumstances of the British Colonies in North Michel Guillaume St. Jean de Crèvecoeur.

See Crèvecoeur to Jefferson May 18, 1785.

Lettres d'un Cultivateur Américain, écrites a W. S. Ecuyer, depuis l'Année 1770, jusqu'à 1781 by Micheal Guillaume St. Jean de Crèvecoeur.

Letters d'un Cultivateur Américain addressees à Wm. S . . . on Esqr. depuis l'Année 1770 jusqu'en 1786. By Micheal Guillaume St. Jean de Crèvecoeur.

Voyages de M. le Marquis de Chastellux dans l' Amérique Septentrionale dans les année 1780, 1781 & 1782 . . . By Micheal Guillaume St. Jean de Crèvecoeur

For Jefferson's thoughts on Crèvecoeur's journal see Jefferson to Crèvecoeur, September 2, 1785.

The United States Gazetter by Joseph Scott

Travels in North-America, in the Years 1780, 1781, and 1782. By the Marquis de Chastellux.

Nouveau Voyage dans les états-Unis de l'Amérique Septentrionale, fait en 1788 by Jacques Pierre Brissot de Warville.

Historie Naturelle de Politizue de la Pensylvanie, et l'établissement des Quakers dans cette Contrée by Jackques Philibert Rousselot de Surgy.

Travels into North America; containing its Natural History, and a circumstantial Account of its Plantations and Agriculture in general, with the Civil, Ecclesiastical and Commercial State of the Country, the Manners of the Inhabitants, and several curious and important Remarks on various subjects by Pehr Kalm.

The Picture of Philadelphia, giving an Account of its Origin, Increase and Improvements in Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, Commerce and Revenue by James Mease.

A Description of the English Province of Carolana. By the Spaniards call'd Florida, and the French, La Louisiane. By Daniel Coxe.

Travels through North & South Carolina, Georgia, East & West Florida, the Cherokee Country, the extensive Territories of the Muscogulges, or Creek Confederacy, and the Country of the Chactaws; containing an Account of the Soil and Natural Productions of those Regions, together with Observations on the Manners of the Indians. By William Bartram.

Histore de Kentucke, Nouvelle Colonie a l'Ouest de la Virginie. By John Filson.

Voyage a l'Ouset des Monts Alléghanys, dans les états de l'Ohio, du Kentucky et du Tennessée, et Retour a Charleston par les Hautes-Carolines . . . By François André

Tableau du Climat dt du Sol des Etats-Unis d'Amérique. By Comte de Constantin François Chasseboeuf, Volney.

Le Pour et le Contre on Avis à ceux qui se proposent de passer dans les états-Unis d'Amérique. By Jean Louis Bridel.

Travels in the United States of America, in the years 1806 & 1807, and 1809, 18010, &1811; including an Account of Passages betwixt America and Britain, and Travels through various Parts of Great Britain, Ireland, and Upper Canada. By John. Melish.

Eight pamphlets bound tighter for Jefferson in 1 volume.

1.     A Concise Description of the English and French Possessions in North-America, for the better explaining of the Map published with that Title. By John Palairet.

2.     State of the British and French Colonies in North America, with Respect to Number of People, Forces, Forts, Indians, Trade and other Advantages.  

3.     An Extract from the Account of East Florida, published by Dr. Stork, who resided a considerable Time in Augustine, the Metropolis of that Province. By William Stork.

4.     Observations on some Parts of Natural History: to which is prefixed and Account of several remarkable Vestiges of an ancient Date, which have been discovered in different Parts of North America. By Benjamin Smith Barton.

5.     Examen Critique des Voyages dans l'Amérique Septentrionale, de M. le Marquis de Chatellux. . . By Jacques Pierre Brissot de Warville.

6.     Remarks on the Travels of the marquis de Chastellux, in North America. By John Graves Simcoe.

7.     An Explanation of the Map which delineates that part of the Federal Lands, comprehended between Pennsylvania West Line, the Rivers Ohio and Sioto, and Lake Erie; confirmed to the United States by sundry Tribes of Indians, in the Treaties of 1784 and 1786, and now ready for Settlement. By Manasseh Cutler.

8.      Articles of Association by the Nature of the Ohio Company.

Bound Volume of Pamphlets.

1.      Observations on the River Potomack, the Country Adjacent, and the City of Washington. by Tobias Lear.

2.     Address to the Shareholders and others interested in the Canals of Virginia. by William Tatham.

3.     A General Plan for laying our Towns and Townships, on the new-acquired Lands in the East Indies, America, or elsewhere; in order to promote Cultivation, and raise the Value of all adjoining Land, at the Price of giving gratis the Town-Lots, and, in some Cases (as in new Colonies), also the small Out-Lots, to the first Settlers and their Heirs, so long as they possess no other Land; and on other equitable Conditions. by Granville Sharp.

4.     Description Topographique de six cents mille arcres des terres dans l'Amérique Septentrionale, mises en vente par Actions, suivant le Plan d'Associaiton ci-joint.

Pamphlets - five bound together

1.      A Brief History of the Mississippi Territory, to which is prefixed, A Summary view of the Country between the settlements on the Cumberland-River, & the Territory. By James Hall.

2.     A Journal of Two Visits made to some Nations of Indians on the West side of the River Ohio, in the years 1772 and 1773. By David Jones.

3.     A Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina, comprehending the Rivers Ohio, Kenhawa, Sioto, Cherokee, Wabash, Illinois, Mississippi, &c. The Climate, Soil and Produce, whether Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral; the Mountains, Creeks, Roads, Distances, Latitudes, &c, and of every Part, laid down in the annexed Map. By Thomas Hutchins.

4.     Observations on the Language of the Muhhekaneew Indians; in which the Extent of that Language in North-America is shewn; its Genius is grammatically traced: some of its particularities, and some instances of Analogy between that an the Hebrew are pointed out. By Jonathan Edwards.

5.     Appendix to the Notes on Virginia, [1800] by Thomas Jefferson.

Twelve Pamphlets bound together.

1.      Nova Britannia: Offering most excellent fruits by Planting in Virginia. by Robert Johnson.

2.     Virginia impartially examined, and left to publick view, to be considered by all Iudicious and honest men. By William Bullock.

3.      Orders and Constivtions, partly collected out of his Maiesties Letters Patents; and partly by authority, and in vertue of the said Letters Patents: Ordained upon mature deliberation, by the Gouernour and Company of the City of London.

4.     The Planters Plea. by John White.

5.     New English Canaan or New Canaan. by Thomas Morton.

6.     Nevv-Englands Plantations. Or, A Short and Trve Description of the Commodities and Discommodities of that Countrey. by Francis Higginson.

7.     A Petition of W. C. exhibited to the High Covrt of Parliament now assembled, for the propagating of the Gospel in America, and the West Indies; and for the setling of our Plantations there; which Petition is approved by 70 able English Divines. By William Castell.

8.     The Treaty of Peace between the Crowns of France & Spain.

9.     A Treatise of Taxes & Contributions. By Sir William Petty.

10.     The Treasure of Traffike. Or A Discourse of Forraigne Trade. By Lewis Roberts.

11. The World's Mistake in Oliver Cromwell; or, A short Political Discourse, shewing, that Cromwell's Mal-administration, (during his Four Years, and Nine Moneths pretended Protectorship,) layed the Foundation of our present Condition, in the Decay of Trade. By Slingsby Bethel.

12.     A Treatise Wherein is demonstrated, that the church and State of England are Equal in Danger with the Trade of it . . . By Roger Coke.

Almanach Américain, ou état Physique, Politique, Ecclésiastique et Militaire de l'Amérique. By Jean Charles Poncelin de la Roche-Tilhac.

Description de la Louisiane, Nouvellement Decouverte au Sud'Oüest de la Nouvelle France, par Ordre du Roy. By Louis Hennepin.

Nouvelle Decouverte d'un tres grand Pays situé dans l'Amerique, entre le Nouveau Mexique, et la Mer Glaciale, avec les Cartes, & les Figures necessaries, & de plus l'Histoire Naturalle & Morale, & les avantages, qu'on en peut tirer par l'établissement des Colonies. By Louis Hennepin.

Nouveau Voyage d'un Pais plus grand que l'Europe avec les reflections des enterprises du Sieur de la Salle, sure les Mines de St. Barbe, &c. By Louis Hennepin.

The History of Louisiana, or of the West Parts of Virginia and Carolina: containing a Description of the Countries that lye on both sides of the River Mississippi: with an Account of the Settlements, Inhabitants, Soil, Climate, and Products. By Le Page du Pratz.

Mémoires Historiques sur la Louisiane, contenant ce qui y est arrive de plus memorable deplus l'année 1687. By Louis François Benjamin Dumont de Montigny.

Journal Historique du dernier Voyage que feu M. de la Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure, & le cours de la Riviere de Missicipi, nomée à present la Riviere de Saint Loüis, qui traverse la Louisiane. By Henri Joutel.

Journal of the Last Voyage Perform'd by Monsr. de la Sale, to the Gulph of Mexico, to find out the Mouth of the Missisipi River. By Henri Joutel.

Vue de la Colonie Espagnole du Mississipi, ou des Provinces de Louisiane et Floride Occidentale, en l'Année 1802, par un Observateur Résident sur les Lieux: Ouvrage accompagné de deux cartes dressées avec soin, et artistement gravées et enluminée . . . By F. Berquin-Duvallon.

Second Voyage a la Louisiane, faisant suite au Premier de 'Auteur de 1794 a 1798. By Louis Narcisse Baudry des Lozières.

Sketches, Historical and Descriptive, of Louisiana. By Amos Stoddard.

Journal of the voyages and Travels of a Corps of Discovery, under the command of Capt. Lewis and Capt. Clark of the army of the United States, from the mouth of the Missouri through the interior parts of North America to the Pacific Ocean, during the Years 1804, 1805, and 1806.

A concise natural History of East and West-Florida. By Bernard Romans.

Historie de la Conqueste du Mexique ou de la Nouvelle Espagne, par Fernand Cortez, Traduite de l'Espagnol de Dom Antoine de Solis, par l'Auteur du Triumvirat. By Antoinio de Solis.

The Works of James Houstoun, M.D. Containing Memoirs of his Life and Travels in Asia, Africa, America, and most Parts of Europe. From the Year 1690, to the present Time. By James Houstoun.

Histoire Naturelle, Civile et geographique de l'Orenoque, et des principales Riviéres qui s'y jettent. By José Gumilla.

The Historie of the VVest-Indies, containing the Acts and Adventures of the Spaniards, which have conquered and peopled those Countries, inriched with varietie of pleasant relation of the Manners, Ceremonies, Lawes, Governments, and Warres of the Indians. By Pietro Martire D'Anghiera

La Florida del Inca. Historia del Adelantado, Hernando de Soto, Governador, y Captain General del Reino de la Florida. By El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

A Description of East-Florida, with a Journal, kept by John Bartram of Philadelphia, Botanist to His Majesty for the Floridas; upon a Journey from St. Augustine up the River St. John's as far as the Lakes. . . By William Stork.

The Journal of Andrew Ellicott, late Commissioner on behalf of the United States during part of the Year 1796, the Years 1797, 1798, 1799, and part of the Year 1800: for determining the Boundary between the United States and the Possessions of His Catholic Majesty in America, containing occasional Remarks on the Situation, Soil, Rivers, Natural Productions, and Diseases of the different Countries on the Ohio, the Mississippi, and Gulf of Mexico. . . By Andrew Ellicott.

Voyages from Montreal, on the river St. Laurence, through the continent of North America, to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans; in the Years 1789 and 1793. With a preliminary account of the Rise, Progress, and present State of the Fur Trade of that Country. By Sir Alexander Mackenzie.

Noticia de la California, y de su Conquista temporal, y espiritual hasta el Tiempo presente. . . By Miguel Venegas.

A Voyage to California, to observe the Transit of Venus. By Jean Chappe d'Auteroche.

L'Histoire dv Nouveau Monde ou Description des Indes Occidentals, contenant dix-huict Lieures, Par le Sieur Iean de Laet, d'Anuers; Enrichi de Nouuelles Taples Geographiques & Figures des Animaux, Plantes & Fruicts. By Johannes de Laet.

Dissertation Historique et Géographique sur le Méridien de Demarcation entre les Domaines d'Espagne et de Portugal. By Jorge and Ulloa, Antonio de Juan Y Santacilia.

Ioannes De Solorzano Pereira I.V.D. Ex Primarijs olim Academiæ Salmanticensis Antecessoribus. . . By Juan de Solorzano Pereira.

Norte de la Contratacion des las Indias Occidentales. . . By José de Veitia Linage.

Milicia y Descripcion des las Indias, por el Capitan don Bernardo de Vargas Machuca, Cauallero Castellano, natural de la villa de Simancas. Dirigido al Licenciado Pavlo de Laguna Presidente del Consejo Real de las Indias. By Bernardo de Vargas Machuca.

Tratado de Confirmaciones Reales de Encomiendas, Oficios I casos, en que se requieren para las Indias Occidentales. . . .By Antonio Rodríguez de León Pinelo.

Historia Natvral y Moral de las Indias, en qve se tartan las Cosas notables del cielo, y elementos, metales, plantas, y animals dellas: y los ritos, y ceremonias, leyes, y gouierno, y guerras de los Indios.[1590] By José de Acosta.

Historia natvral y moral de las Indias, en qve se tartan las Cosas notables del cielo, y elemenos, metales, plantas, y animals dellas: y los ritos, y ceremonias, leyes, y gouierno, y guerras de los Indios. [1608] By José de Acosta.

Varones Ilvstres del Nvevo Mvndo. Descvbridores, Conqvistadores, y Pacificadores del Opvleno, Dilatado, y Poderoso Imperio de las Indias Occidentales: svs Vida, Virtvd, Valor, Hazañas, y Claros Blasones. . . By Fernando Pizarro Y Orellana.

De Orbe Novo Petri Martyris Anglerii Mediolanensis, Protonotarji, & Caroliquinti Senatoris Decades octo, diligenti temporum obseruatione, & vtilissimis annotationibus illustratæ, suóque nitori restitutæ, labore & industria Richardi Haklvyti Oxoniensis Angli. By Pietro Martire d'Anghiera.

Tratado cõprobatorio del Imperio soberano y principado vniuersal que los Reyes de Castilla y Leon tienen sobre las indias: compuesto por el Obispo don fray Bartholome de las Casas/o Casaus de la orden de Sancto Domingo. Año 1552. By Bartolomé de las Casas.

Istoria ò breuissima relatione della Distrvttione dell' Indie Occidentali di Monsig. Reverendiss. . . By Bartolomé de las Casas.

La Decouverte des Indes Occidentales, par les Espagnols. By Bartolomé de las Casas.

La Historia del Mondo Nvovo di M. Girolamo Benzoni Milanese. . . By Giralamo Benzoni.

Tyrannies et Crvavtez des Espagnols, perpetrees és Indies Occidentales, qu'on dit Le Nouueau monde; Brieuement descrites en langue Castillane par l'Euesque Don Frere Bartelemy de las Casas ou Casavs, Espagnol, de l'ordre de S. Dominique; fidelement traduictes par Iaqves de Miggrode. . . By Bartolomé de las Casas.

Novea Novi Orbis Historiæ, Jd est, Rerum ab Hispanis in India Occidentiali hactenus gestarum, & acerbo illorum in eas gentes dominatu, Libri tres, Vrbani Calvetonis opera industriáque ex Intalicis Hieronymi Benzonis Mediolanensis, qui eas terras XIIII. annorum peregrinatione obijt, commentarijs descripti, Latini facti, ac perpetuis notis, argumentis & locupleti memorabilium rerum accessione, illistrati. By Girolamo Benzoni.

The Spanish Empire in America. By John Campbell.

Historia General de los Hechos de los Castellanos en las Islas I Tierra Firme del Mar Oceano. . . By Antonio de Herrera Y Tordesillas.

The General History of the Vast Continent and Islands of America, commonly call'd, The West-Indies, from the First Discovery thereof: with the Best Accounts the People could give of their Antiquities, collected from the Original Relations sent to the Kings of Spain. By Antonio de Herrera Y Tordesillas.

Primera [-Tercera] Parte de los Veinte ivn Libros Rituales I Monarchia Indiana, con elorigen y guerras, delos Indios Ocidentales. By Jaun de Torquemada.

Primera Parte de la Noticias historiales de las Conquistas de tierra firme en las Indias Occidentales. By Pedro Simon.

Historia de Mexico, con el Descvbrimiento dela nueua España, conquistada por el muy illustre y valeroso Principe don Fernando Cortes, Marques del Valle, Escrita por Francisco Lopez de Gomara, clergio. By Francisco López de Gómara.

La Prima Parte dell'Historie del Perv. By Pedro de Cieza de León.

La Second Part delle historie dell' India. By Francisco López de Gómara.

La Terza Parte delle Historie dell'Indie. By Francisco López de Gómara.

La segunda parte dela Historia general de las Indias. By Francisco López de Gómara.

Histoire Generalle des Indes Occidentales, et Terres neuues, qui iusques à present esté descouuertes, augmentée en ceste cinquiesme edition ed la description de la nouuelle Espagne, & de la grande ville de Mexicque, autrement nommee Tenuctilan. . . By Francisco López de Gómara.

Historia verdadera de la Conqvista de la Nueva-España. By Bernal Diaz del Castillo.

Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, poblacion y progresos de la America Septentrional, conocida por el nombre de Nueva España. By Antonio de Solis.

Historia de Nueva-España, escrita por su Esclarecido Conquistador Hernan Cortes, aumentada con otros Documentos, y Notas. . . By Francisco Antonio Lorenzana Y Burton and Hernando Cortés.

Storia Antica del Messico cavata da' Migliori Storici Spagnuoli, e da' Manoscritti, e dale Pitture Antiche degl' Indiani. . . By Francisco Javier Clavijero.

Nouvelle Relation, contenant les Voyages de Thomas Gage dans le nouvelle Espagne, ses diverses avantures, & son retour dans la Province de Nicaragua jusqu'á la Havane. By Thomas Gage.

Noticias Americanas: Entretenimientos Phisicos-Historicos, sobre la América Meridional, y la Septentrianal Oriental. By Antonio de Ulloa.

Mémoires Philosophiques, Historiques, Physiques, concernant la découverte de l'Amérique, ses anciens Habitans, leurs mours, leurs usages, leur connexion avec les nouveaux Habitans, leur religion ancienne & moderne, les produits des trios règnes de la Nature, & en particulier les mines, leur exploitation, leur immense produit ignore jusqu'ici . . . By Antonio de Ulloa.

Relacion Historica del Viage a la America Meridional hecho de Orden de S. Mag. para medir algunos Grados de Meridiano Terrestre, y venir por ellos en conocimiento de la verdadera Figura, y Magnitud de la Tierra, con otras varias Observaciones Astronomicas, y Phisicas. . . By Jorge Juan Y Santacilia and Antonio de Ulloa.

Observaciones astronomicas y physicas, hechas de orden de S. M. en los reynos del Peru . . . By Jorge Juan Y Santacilia and Antonio de Ulloa.

El Orinoco Ilustrado, y Defendido, Historia Natural, Civil, y Geographica de este Gran Rio, y de sus Caudalosas Vertientes. . . By José Gumilla.

Historie Naturelle de la Hollande Equinoxiale: ou Déscription des Animaux, Plantes, Fruits, et autres Curiosités Naturelles, qui se trouvent dans la Colonie de Surinam; avec leurs Noms différents, tant François, que Latins, Hollandois, Indiens & Négre-Anglois. By Philippe Fermin.

Description Générale, Historique, Géographique et Physique de la Colonie de Surinam, contenant ce qu'il y a de plus Curieux & de plus Remarquable, touchant sa Situation, ses Rivieres, ses Forteresses; son gouvernement & sa Police; avec les mours & les usages des Habitants Naturels du Païs, & des Européens qui y sont établis; ainsi que des Eclaircissements sur l'oonomie générale des Esclaves Negres, sur les Plantations & leurs Produits, les Arbres Fruitiers, les Plantes Médécinales, & toutes les diverses Especes d'animaux qu'on y trouve, &c. By Philippe Fermin.

Voyage du Chevalier Des Marchais en Guinée, Isles Voisines, et a Cayenne, fait en 1725, 1726, & 1727. . . By Jean Baptiste Labat.

Primera Parte de los Commentarios Reales, que tartan, de el Origen de sloe Incas, Reies, qve fveron del Perù, de sv Idolatria, Leies, y Govierno, en Paz, y en Guerra: de svs Vidas, y Conquistas; y de Todo lo que fue aquel Imperio, y su Republica, antes que los Españoles pasaran, à èl. Escritos por el Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Natural del Cozco, y Capitan de su Magestad. . . By El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

Primera, y Segvnda Parte, de la Historia del Perv, que se mando escreuir, à Diego Fernandez, vezino de la ciudad de Palencia. By Diego Fernández.

Historia del Descvbrimiento y Conqvista de las Provincias del Peru, y delos successos que enella ha audio, desde que se conquistò, hasta que el Licenciado de la Gasca Obispo de Siguença boluio a estos rey nos: y delas cosas naturals que en la dicha prouincia se hallan dignas de memoira. By Augustin de Zárate.

Histoire de la Decouverte et de la Conquete de Perou. By Augustin de Zárate.

Levini Apollonii, Gandobrvgani, Mittelbvrgensis, de Peruuiæ, Regionis, inter Noui Orbis prouincias celeberrimæ, inuentione: & rebus in eadem gestis, Libri V. Ad Iacobvm Clarovtivm Maleghemmae ac Pittemiae Dominvm. By Levinus Apollonius.

Voyage de Marseille a Lima, et dans les autres Lieux des Indies Occidentales. By Durrent.

Restavracion de la Civdad del Savador, I Baìa de Todos-Sanctos, en la Provincia del Brasil. By Tomas Tamayo de Vargas.

Istoria delle Gverre del Regno del Barsile accadvte tra la Corona di Portogallo, e la Repvblica di Olanda composta, ed offerta alla Sagra Reale Maesda' di Pietro Secondo Re di Portogallo &c. dal P. F. Gio. Giosppe di S. Teresa Carmelitano Scalzo. Parte Prima [-Seconda.] By João José de Santa Thereza.

Histoire d'vn Voyage faict en la Terre dv Bresil, avtrement dite Amerique. By Jean De Léry.

La relacion y comentariõs del gouernado Aluar nuñez cabeca de vaca, de lo acaescido en las dos jornadas que hizo a las Indias. By Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca.

Histoire du Paraguay. By Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix.

Historica Relatione de Regno di Cile, e delle missioni, e ministerij che esercita in quelle la Compagnia di Giesv. . . By Alonzo de Ovalle.

Description des Terres Magellaniques et des Pays adjecens. By Thomas Falkner.

Histoire des Navigations aux Terres Australes. By Charles de Brosses.

Nouveau voyage autour du Monde où l'on décrit en particulier l'Istme de l'Amerique, plusieurs Côtes & Isles des Indes Occidentales, les Isles du Cap Verd, le passage par la Terre del Fuego, les Côtes Meridionales de Chili, du Perou, & du Mexique . . . By William Dampier.

Relation abrégée d'un Voyage fait dans l'Interieur de l'Amérique Méridionale. By Charles Marie de La Comdamine.

A Collection of Voyages to the Southern Hemisphere. [1788]

Relation du Vyage de la Mer du Sud aux Côtes du Chily et du Perou, fait pendant les Années 1712, 1713 & 1714.By Amédée François Frézier.

Voyages de François Coreal aux Indes Occidentales, contenant ce qu'il y a vû de plus remarquable pendant son séjour depuis 1666, jusqu'en 1697. By Francesco Coreal.

Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de l'Amerique. By Jean Baptiste Labat.

Histoire et Commerce des Antilles Angloises. . . By George Marie Butel-Dumont.

Histoire Natvrelle des Iles Antilles de l'Ameriqve. By César de Rochefort.

The History, civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies. By Bryan Edwards.

Histoire de la Jamaïque, Traduite de l'Anglois. By Charles Leslie.

Description Topographique, Physique, Civile, Politique et Historique de la Partie Française de l'Isle Saint-Domingue. . . By Médéric Louis èlie Moreau de Saint-Méry.

Voyage d'un Suisse dans différentes Colonies d'Amerique pendant la Derniere Guerre, avec une Table d'Observations météorologiques faites à Saint-Domingue. . . By Justin Girod-Chantrans.

Voyage de Humboldt de Bonpland. Troisième Partie. By Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander Von Humboldt.

Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain. By Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander Von Humboldt.

Compendio della Storia Geografica, Naturale, e Civile del Regno del Chile. By Juan Ignacio Molina.

The History of Don Francisco de Miranda's attempt to effect a Revolution in South America, in a series of letters, by a Gentleman who was an Officer under that General, to his friend in the United States. By James Biggs.

The City of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania North America: as it appeared in the Year 1800 consisting of Twenty Eight Plates drawn and engraved by W. Birch & Son. By William Birch.

Views of Louisiana: together with a Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri River, in 1811. By Henry Marie Brackenridge.

Elogio d'Amerigo Vespucci che ha riportato il Premio dalla Nobile Academia Etrusca di Cortona nel dì 15 d'Ottobre dell'Anno 1788 con una Dissertazione giustificativa di questo Celebre Navigatore del P. Stanislao Canovai delle Scuole Pie pubblico Professore di Fisica-Matematica. By Stanislao Canovai.

Survey of the Roads of the United States of America by Christopher Colles.

Voyage aux Iles de Trinidad, de Tabago, de la Marguerite, et dans diverses parties de Vénézuéla, dans l'Amérique Méridionale. By Jean François Dauxion-Lavaysse.

Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a Roll of the Persons having Office or Employment under the United States. By Thomas Jefferson.

Notes on the state of Virginia: written in the year 1781, somewhat corrected and enlarged in the winter of 1782, for the use of a Foreigner of distinction, in answer to a certain queries proposed by him. By Thomas Jefferson.

History of the Expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the Sources of the Missouri, thence across the Rocky Mountains and down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. Preformed during the years 1804-5-6. By order of the Government of the United States. Prepared for the Press by Paul Allen, Esquire. In Two Volumes. By Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

An Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi, and through the Western Parts of Louisiana, to the sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun, Rivers; performed by order of the Government of the United States during the Years 1805, 1806, and 1807. And a Tour through the Interior Parts of New Spain, when conducted through these Provinces, by order of the Captain-General, in the Year 1807. By Zebulon Montgomery Pike.

A Treatise upon the Navigation of St. Domingo: with Sailing Directions, for the whole extent of its Coasts, Channels, Bays and Harbours. (Undertaken by Order of the King.) By Comte de Antoine Hyacinthe Anne de Chastenet Puységur.

A Geographical Description of the States of Maryland and Delaware; also of the Counties, Towns, Rivers, Bays and Islands. With a List of the Hundreds, in each County. By Joseph Scott.

A Gazetteer of the State of New-York; carefully written from original and authentic materials, arranged on a new plan, in three parts: comprising, First-a comprehensive geographical and statistical view of the whole state, conveniently disposed under separate heads: Second - an ample general view of each county, in alphabetical order, with topographical and statistical tables, showing the civil and political divisions, population, post-offices, &c.: Third - a very full and minute topographical description of each town or township, city, borough, village, &c. &c., in the whole state, alphabetically arranged; as also its lakes, rivers, creeks, with every other subject of topographical detail: forming a complete gazetteer or geographical dictionary of the state of New York. By Horatio Gates Spafford.

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Excerpted with modifications from Jefferson's Library of the Americas,
a report by Christine Coalwell, Monticello Research Department.

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