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Bartholomew Kindred

Bartholomew Kindred (? - 1805) worked as a weaver for Thomas Jefferson during the American Revolution. Kindred and his wife Mary had a son Thomas, who was a waterman. Bartholomew Kindred is mentioned a number of times in Jefferson's Memorandum Books.  Some entries deal with supplies Jefferson provided to Kindred while he worked at Monticello between 1776 and 1782 (beef, bacon, corn, wheat); there are also references to what Kindred owed at Jefferson's blacksmith shop. There are also three references to Thomas Kindred: payments for fish and for transporting molasses, brandy, and furniture up from Richmond.[fn]Jefferson's wife Martha kept notes on the work of the textile shop during part of the time Kindred was in charge. These can be viewed on the Library of Congress website.[/fn] Bartholomew Kindred's will was proved October 7, 1805, meaning he died (probably shortly) before that date.[fn]Albemarle County Will Book, 4:182-3, 185-6. (Also includes an estate inventory.)  See also Woods, Albemarle County, 399.[/fn] The will mentions his wife Mary, son Thomas (and Thomas' wife Mary), son William, a "Miland Powers," wife of Norborne Powers (possibly a daughter Melinda), grandsons Edward and Josiah, and about 180 acres of land that seems to be near Monticello. Weaving apparatus appears in the inventory.

- Lucia Stanton, 9/23/97

Primary Source References

1776 April 3. "Sent Kindred 22 lb. of beef."[fn]MB, 1:415.[/fn]

1776 Apri 26. "Sent (as we guess) 20 lb. bacon 8 lb. beef to Kindred."[fn]Ibid., 1:416.[/fn]

1777 March 10. "Gave Barth. Kindred order on Mr. Cox for 5. barrels corn @ market price & 120. bushels wheat @ 2/6, the latter being instead of the former order for 80. bushels."[fn]Ibid., 1:440.[/fn]

1777 March 25. "Charge Kindred the 5. Barr. corn ordered Mar. 10 @ 2/6 by lre. from Mr. Cox."[fn]Ibid., 1:441.[/fn]

1779 February 8. "I am to stop 10/ in my hands due to Isaac Jackson to B. Kindred."[fn]Ibid., 1:475.[/fn]

1782 January 12. "Charge T. Garth £150 paper he recd. in Sep. 1781. of Kindred & ommitted to credit."[fn]Ibid., 1:517.[/fn]

1782 September 18. "B. Kindred's tax (the whole) paiable in tobo. @25/ 16."[fn]Ibid., 1:522.[/fn]

1782 October 25. "Agreed with B. Kindred to continue another year without his son. I am to give him 500 lb. meat, 5 Barr. corn, 1/2 bush. salt & fodder as usual. he is to have half the earnings of the shop. For the last year he is to have 5/8 & 1 3/8 of the earnings."[fn]Ibid., 1:523.[/fn]

1783 August 16. "Barth. Kindred. 1782 March 13-9."[fn]Ibid., 1:533.[/fn]

1794 December 11. "Pd. Kindred for fish furnished last spring 3/."[fn]Ibid., 2:922.[/fn]

1796 March 22. "Gave T. Kindred ord. on Flem. & Mclan. for 35/ out of my nail money for bringing up a hhd. molasses wt. 14. @ 2/6."[fn]Ibid., 2:938.[/fn]

1797 October 9. "Directed him to pay Bart. Kindred 31.67 for 3 beeves. (part for Davenpt)."[fn]Ibid., 2:971.[/fn]

1797 October 27.  (Statement of Account with William Davenport).  "to 425 ¾ ℔ beef from Kindred (part of 820. ℔) 4-18-8"[fn]PTJ, 30:600.[/fn]

1797 October 27. "Charge W. Davenport £4-18-8 of the £9-10 pd. to Kindred Oct. 9."[fn]MB, 2:972.[/fn]

1801 August 24.  (George Jefferson to Thomas Jefferson).  "I sent you a few days ago by Thomas Kindred the articles contained in the memorandum which I brought down with me—together with 4 dozen chairs which came from Philadelphia."[fn]PTJ, 35:137.  The annotation indicates that "On 21 Aug., George Jefferson provided Thomas Kindred with a receipt for the goods he had received from Gibson & Jefferson 'to deliver in good order to Thomas Jefferson esquire at Milton he paying the freight.' The items included “four dozen Chairs, one barrel, one keg, and two small boxes.” A note indicated that the bottom of one chair was split. A list of charges for 14 gallons of brandy, 1 cask of porter, 1 dozen bottles of syrup punch, 1 dozen tumblers, and a cask for brandy for a total of £19.3.3 was provided on the bottom half of the sheet (MS in MHi; entirely in George Jefferson’s hand, including Edward Kindred’s mark as received for Thomas Kindred; endorsed by TJ as received from George Jefferson on 27 Aug.).[/fn]

1801 August 29. "Paid Thos. Kindred for water carriage 14.75."[fn]MB, 2:1050.[/fn]

1805 March 21. "Gave note to B. Kindred for 50.D. in charity."[fn]Ibid., 2:1149.[/fn]

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