Due to enhanced safety measures and precautions, access to some of the spaces in the North Wing is limited.

The icehouse, tack room, and bays for horses and carriages were located in the lower level of the North Wing, which connects the passage under the house to the North Pavilion.

Jefferson's Travels

A map of Jefferson’s route to Washington, DC, an interactive version of Jefferson’s 1807 odometer, and a reproduction of Jefferson’s 1802 horse-drawn phaeton—the sports car of its day.

Ice House

The icehouse was used primarily to store fresh meat and butter, and to chill wine. The ice sometimes lasted through summer.

North Privy

Although it was unusual for houses in the United States at the start of the 19th century to have toilet facilities inside them, Monticello had three. These non-flushing privies were attached to shafts that provided ventilation.

Farm Shop

The Farm Shop under the North Wing of Monticello provides a convenient selection of gift items, beverages, and snacks.