We welcome and encourage visits from media working on assignment. Please contact Jennifer Lyon, 434-984-7596 (email preferred) in advance of an intended visit.

DOCUMENTARY FILM AND TELEVISION PROJECTS                                 

We are pleased to provide photography and film for non-fiction projects about Jefferson’s life and times, Monticello as a historic site, or Monticello as a tourist attraction, if those projects are appropriate for the Foundation and consistent with its mission and objectives

To limit demands on the house and grounds, Monticello prefers to provide photography and footage whenever possible. Our policies and procedures require that we have a complete understanding of all aspects of a project before Foundation participation can be considered. Each request to photograph, tape or film at Monticello, or to use photography or footage of Monticello, is reviewed on an individual basis, using information requested from the applicant and through discussions between our communications office and the filmmaker.  The application process also serves as the basis for preparing a contract.

Please note: Monticello is open to visitors 364 days, and hosts special events and programs throughout the year. Projects cannot obstruct the visitor experience at Monticello. Monticello staff must accompany crews at all times. 


Visitors may take photographs or make illustrations of the house and grounds of Monticello for personal use only. Photography is not allowed inside the house and in certain galleries. All commercial uses are prohibited without express written consent. By entering Thomas Jefferson Foundation property you agree to these terms.

Please review our Filming and Photography Guidelines, and then submit your request to Jennifer Lyon.