We offer two different digital education programs for your K-12 students. Check out the program descriptions and email us at digital.learning@monticello.org with any questions!

Digital Learning Experiences (formerly Electronic Field Trips) Students work with a Monticello guide to examine different sources like documents, images, videos, and our 360° virtual tour to explore the history of Monticello.
Live Virtual Tours Follow a Monticello guide in real-time through the first floor of Thomas Jefferson’s mountaintop home.

More Classroom Resources

Learning from Home Find virtual tours, coloring pages, and activities to do at home.
Primary Sources Explore historic documents, oral histories, and more.
Lesson Plans in the Monticello Classroom Get your students thinking critically and historically with one of our more than 170 teacher-generated lesson plans arranged by topic, activity-type, grade level with additional curriculum and standards information.
Image and Media Gallery Find the images, audio, and video you and your students need for history or social studies reports, projects, and presentations.
Livestreams, Videos, and Podcasts Explore topics on Thomas Jefferson and his world, Monticello's enslaved community, the founding of America, recent research, and more.
The Art of Citizenship A hub of stories, quotes, videos, biographies, podcasts, and timelines on civics in America

On-site Programs for Educators, Students, and Young Learners

Week-long summer program

Monticello Teacher Institute

We are proud to offer the Monticello Teacher Institute (MTI), an immersive professional development program that provides social studies teachers the opportunity to research and study at Monticello and the Jefferson Library in Charlottesville, Virginia.

About Monticello's Digital Educational Programs

Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's historic plantation, extends its rich educational offerings beyond its physical boundaries through a variety of digital resources tailored for educators and students. Embracing the shift towards digital learning, Monticello provides a plethora of digital field trips, interactive live virtual tours, and a comprehensive suite of lesson plans that incorporate primary sources, enabling K-12 teachers to bring American history to life in their classrooms. These digital offerings are designed to facilitate critical and historical thinking among students by exploring topics such as the life of Thomas Jefferson, the intricacies of the American Revolution, the profound complexities of slavery, and Jefferson's contributions to government and civics.

Monticello's digital resources include 360 tours of the plantation, gardens, and slave quarters, alongside artifacts and archaeological findings. These tools not only enhance curriculum development but also promote inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to explore American history, culture, and heritage in a comprehensive and interactive manner. Monticello's commitment to providing accessible and high-quality digital learning experiences supports educators in implementing blended learning, remote teaching, and inclusive education strategies, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the nation's history and cultural heritage among students.