The Center is located one quarter mile past Monticello on Kenwood Estate (which was built on land once owned by Jefferson) and about five miles from the center of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia.

The facilities at Kenwood include:

  • work spaces for visiting fellows
  • high-speed wireless network/Internet with connections at every work space
  • four residential apartments for visiting fellows
  • the Jefferson Library, a 15,000-square-foot technologically sophisticated library that houses Monticello's unique research collection

Other resources include:

  • proximity to the foremost scholars on Jefferson and Monticello
  • a forum for visiting fellows to present their research for comments
  • access to scores of unpublished Foundation research reports, videos, and images

Map of ICJS Campus

Drawing of Kenwood Campus by Justin M. Kilmon; Copyright 2001 TJFDrawing of Kenwood Campus by Justin M. Kilmon; Copyright 2001 Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello.