John Coles II (1745-1808) was an Albemarle County merchant, a colonel in the county regiment, and a farmer. He was the brother of Isaac Coles (1747-1813), a Congressman from Hanover County, Virginia. In 1769, John Coles married Rebecca Tucker and the couple had five sons. Two of their sons were Isaac and Edward, both born at Enniscorthy, the family estate in Albemarle County.

In 1769, John Coles was appointed overseer or surveyor of roads from Green Mountain road to the Hardware River.[1] According to John Hammond Moore, Coles was also elected to a safety committee during the American Revolution. The safety committee was assigned to enforce resolutions, handed down by the First Continental Congress, to restrict trade with England in the area.[2]

For nearly fifty years, John Coles conducted various business with Thomas Jefferson, including the purchase of nails from the Monticello nailery. Jefferson represented Coles in a family suit in 1770-1771 and again in 1774. In 1781, Coles gave refuge to Jefferson and his family when Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton sent a detachment of dragoons to capture Jefferson at Monticello. The family dined with Coles at Enniscorthy before they headed to Amherst County the next day.

- Douglas Evans, Jefferson's Neighbors, Monticello Research Report, 1995


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