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A Statement from Leslie Greene Bowman, President and CEO of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello

August 11 & 12 Events in Charlottesville

We are deeply saddened by the violence in Charlottesville and the ongoing events that continue to threaten our community.  We stand against all forms of hatred, racism and bigotry.


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Questions on reality mimicking art remain unanswered. Is vocal opposition to racism promoting it? Although Jefferson rejected aristotelian thought, getting to the roots of racism is wisdom. In Jefferson's time theoretical science parading itself as facts underlied popular racism; such forms ended with NAtional soZIalistische deutschland. racism today is emotional; a product of the rise of post-modern feminism which gives credence to feelings, notwithstanding media outlets abusing their freedoms in promoting racism by overblowing it; "there's no such thing as bad press." * * * Monticello allegedly standing against "all forms" of hatred not only rubs a raw nerve on many Southerns who Hate the sin and love the sinner; Hate the crime and love the criminal, but apparently denies Jefferson's sincere loathing of great britain's propaganda machine.
William Jr


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