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Giving Opportunities

Completing the Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series

Monticello is working to make of all Jefferson's words available to the world.



Monticello Annual Fund

Help share Jefferson's ideas and ideals with people around the world.




A place for building a global Jeffersonian dialogue.



Mulberry Row

Help us tell the stories of Monticello's enslaved workers.




Supporting Jefferson's legacy and the integrity of his iconic home.



Rev. John B. Pinder III's picture
I just want to check and see if Monticello foundation is making use of a remarkable poem by May Sarton entitled "Monticello". IF permission could be given, I think it should be used in a significant way to spread the good word about Monticello. John Pinder
John Pinder
mbowyer's picture
Visitors to Monticello may not realize that Monticello is a nonprofit that receives no ongoing support from the state or federal government. The majority of our operating costs are provided by ticket sales, as well as donations. In order to protect this national treasure, we rely on the generosity of Thomas Jefferson and Monticello supporters. Fortunately, Monticello makes it easy to give. One can submit gifts online via this page, or go the old-fashioned way and call or mail a payment.
Melanie Bowyer
ejones's picture
It takes a village to keep Mr. Jefferson’s legacy alive. Become a part of our team by a gift or legacy. Whether large or small, it all helps further our mission of education and preservation.


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