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Euphorbia marginata

Snow-on-the-mountain (Euphorbia marginata) is a warm season annual native from Canada to Mexico and running in a stretch along the Missouri River from Montana through Kansas and ultimately down through much of Texas. This plant was collected by Lewis and Clark from the area around the Yellowstone River in 1806. Not to be confused with Bishop’s weed (also called snow on the mountain), this summer plant tolerates deer, drought and poor soils, and does well as cut “greenery” in floral arrangements.

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Growth Type: 
Woody Shrub
Green, White
Location at Monticello: 
West Lawn
Planting Conditions: 
Full Sun
Blooming History: 
July 12, 2018 to October 17, 2018June 27, 2019 to October 7, 2019


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