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Artemisia absinthium
Wormwood, like many of the British and European Artemisias, was used as a "strewing herb" in earlier times to ward off insects and offensive smells. According to Fearing Burr, in Field and Garden Vegetables of America, 1863, "the leaves ... have a strong, somewhat pungent, yet aromatic odor, and are proverbial for their intense bitterness." Absinthe, an infusion of the foliage, was the notorious drink consumed by artists such Vincent Van Gogh in late 19th-C France. Thomas Jefferson included Wormwood on a list of "Objects for the garden" in 1794. It's silvery gray, silky, and highly aromatic foliage produces small, button-like yellow flowers in mid summer.
Growth Type: 
Herbaceous Perennial Herb
Hardiness Zones: 
Zone 9, Zone 8, Zone 7, Zone 6, Zone 5, Zone 4
Location at Monticello: 
Vegetable Garden
Planting Conditions: 
Full Sun
Blooming History: 
2002 Jul 5 to 2002 Aug 22006 Jul 20 to 2006 Aug 17
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