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Monticello is pleased to announce that a paint matching the new color of Monticello's Dining Room is now available through Ralph Lauren Home.

Monticello's Dining Room with newly painted yellow wallsMonticello’s bright Dining Room is the centerpiece of newly transformed spaces being unveiled this June. The most noticeable change to the Dining Room is the color if its walls―from the much-copied Wedgwood blue to a brilliant chrome yellow. Extensive research by paint experts indicated that Jefferson chose the lively yellow for the Dining Room around 1815. Not only was it one of the most fashionable colors of the time, but it was also one of the most expensive. The newly repainted walls are further enhanced by reproductions of a Thomas Burling sideboard, French marble console table and an interpretation of the Abbeville carpet Jefferson purchased in France in the 1780s. This comprehensive repainting and refurnishing of the Dining Room provides visitors with fresh insights into Monticello’s domestic life and Jefferson’s much celebrated ingenuity and taste.


Monticello is grateful to Ralph Lauren Home for its sponsorship of the Dining Room restoration. The gift has made it possible for Monticello to restore, refurnish and reinterpret the room where dining with “Mr. Jefferson” made history.


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