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Timeline of Jefferson's Life

1735 Peter Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson's father, patented 1,000-acre tract which became Monticello.
1743 Thomas Jefferson born at Shadwell.
1757 Peter Jefferson died.
1760-62 Thomas Jefferson attended the College of William and Mary.
1762 Began study of law with George Wythe.
1764 Came into inheritance at age of 21.
1767 Admitted to practice law before General Court.
1768Elected to House of Burgesses.Leveling of Monticello mountaintop begun.
1770 Construction begun at Monticello. Shadwell burned. Moved to South Pavilion at Monticello.
1772 Married Martha Wayles Skelton. Daughter Martha born.
1773 Graveyard at Monticello established with the interment of Jefferson's friend and brother-in-law Dabney Carr.
1774Wrote A Summary View of the Rights of British America.Retired from legal practice. Inherited 11,000 acres of land and 135 slaves from his father-in-law. Laid off ground for kitchen garden. Daughter Jane Randolph born.
1775Elected to Continental Congress.Daughter Jane Randolph died.
1776Drafted Declaration of Independence. Elected to Virginia House of Delegates. Appointed to revise Virginia laws.
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Mother Jane Randolph Jefferson died.
1777Drafted Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, passed by General Assembly in 1786.Unnamed son born and died.
1778Drafted Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge.Daughter Mary (Maria) born. Brickwork of first home (Monticello) completed.
1779-81Served as Governor of Virginia. 
1780 Daughter Lucy Elizabeth born. Began Notes on the State of Virginia.
1781 British troops at Monticello. Daughter Lucy Elizabeth died.
1782 Second Lucy Elizabeth born. Wife Martha died. First house substantially completed.
1783Elected delegate to Congress. 
1784-89In France as Commissioner and Minister. 
1784 Daughter Lucy Elizabeth died.
1787Published Notes on the State of Virginia. 
1790-93Served as first United States Secretary of State. 
1794 Began commercial manufacture of nails on Mulberry Row. Manumitted slave Robert Hemings.
1795 Sally Hemings's daughter, Harriet Hemings, is born.
1796 Remodeling and enlarging of Monticello begun. Manumitted slave James Hemings.
1797-1801Served as United States Vice President. 
1797-1815Served as president of the American Philosophical Society.Harriet Hemings dies in 1797
1798 Beverly Hemings is born.
1799 An unnamed girl is born to Sally Hemings.
1800 Dome constructed on Monticello.
1801-09Served as United States President. 
1801 Harriet Hemings is born.
1803Louisiana Purchase concluded. Lewis and Clark expedition launched. 
1804 Daughter Maria Jefferson Eppes died.
1805 Madison Hemings is born.
1806Lewis and Clark expedition concluded.House at Poplar Forest begun.
1807 Oval flower beds near Monticello laid out. Shadwell merchant mill completed.
1808 Eston Hemings, is born. (In 1998, a DNA study establishes that a male with a Jefferson Y chromosome fathered Eston. A report by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation in 2000, concluded there is a high probability that Thomas Jefferson was the father of Eston Hemings, and that he was likely the father of all six of Sally Hemings's children listed in Monticello records.) At Monticello, North Pavilion completed and South Pavilion remodeled. Winding walk and flower beds on West Lawn laid out.
1809Retired from the presidency and public life.Remodeling of Monticello and construction of dependencies largely completed. Vegetable garden platform completed.
1812 Garden Pavilion constructed.
1815Sold 6,700-volume library to Congress. 
1817Cornerstone of Central College (later University of Virginia) laid. 
1822-25 Monticello roof recovered with tin shingles.
1822 Beverly and Harriet Hemings are allowed to leave Monticello. They pass as whites and disappear from history.
1824 Historic reunion with the Marquis de Lafayette at Monticello.
1825University of Virginia opened. 
1826 Died at Monticello, July 4.


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