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Transcription of Excerpt and Key from Lewis's Coded Review of Officers

Transcription of Excerpt

Date of CommissionStateRemarks
Samuel FowleLieutenantFeb. 22, 1799Massachusetts
James HouseLieutenantFeb. 22, 1799Pennsylvania
Ebenezer BecheLieutenantFeb. 22, 1799Connecticut

Transcription of Key

Explanation of the notes set opposite (in the column of remarks) to to the names of several officers composing the Army of the United States.           

 &— Denotes such officersas are of the 1st class, so esteemed from a superiority of genius & Military proficiency.
 &—[Denotes such officers] second class, respectable as officers, but not altogether entitled to the 1st grade.
 &—[Denotes such officers] Republican.
 &—[Denotes] Officerswhose political opinions are not positively ascertained.
 &—[Denotes Officers] Political apathy.
 &—[Denotes Officers]opposed to the administration, otherwise respectable officers.
 &—[Denotes Officers]opposed to the administration more decisively.
 &—[Denotes Officers]opposed most violently to the administration and still active in its vilification.
 &—[Denotes Officers]professionally the soldier without any political creed.
 &—[Denotes Officers]unworthy of the commissions they bear.
 &—[Denotes Officers]unknown to us.


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