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Richard Sorrels

Richard Sorrels (d. 1773) was a general laborer at Monticello. He worked for Thomas Jefferson from 1769 until his death in 1773.  Jefferson's records also mention a "Mrs. Sorrels" (first name unknown), and a William Sorrels – possibly a son of Richard.

Primary Source References

1769 August 28. "Rd. Sorrels and another began to work @45/pr. month each."1

1769 September 12. "Pd. Richard Sorrels 40/. Hired a boy [a slave] of him @ 7/6 pr. week."2

1769 October 1. "Pd. Richard Sorrels (4/ too much) £3."3

1770 January 20. "Assumed to R. Sorrels for George Dudley £4-1-2. Gave R. Sorrls order on Richd. Harvie £4."4

1770 March 14. "Assumed to John Moore for Richard Sorrels 15/9."5

1770 May 13. "R. Sorrels 10/. Pd. John Henderson junr. for R. Sorrels 6/."6

1770 August 5. "Pd. Mrs. Dudley for Rd. Sorrels 18/6."7

1770 October 1. "Rd. Sorrels 27/6."8

1770 December 1. "Gave R. Sorrels on acct. of Steph. Willis an order on R. Harvie or Peter Harvie for goods to amt. of £4."9

1771 February 18. "R. Sorrel directs me to pay at Sec.'s office for Wm. Thomason and charge to him 16/4."10

1771 March 18. "Pd. Richd. Sorrels 5/."11

1771 March 26. "Gave Rd. Sorrels an order on Jno. Tool for 3 barrels of corn 30/."12

1771 March 30. "Do. for Rd. Sorrels on old assumpsit 4/6."13

1771 May 10. "Pd. at S.O. for Wm. Thomason to be charged to Rd. Sorrel 16/4."14

1771 May 27. "Pd. R. Sorrels 20/."15

1771 May 31. "Pd. Mrs. Sorrel for R. Sorrels 20/."16

1771 July 29. "Pd. Rd. Sorrels 20/7½ which strikes balance as to labour chickens & everything."17

1771 July 30. "Purchased 5 young geese of R. Sorrels."18

1771 August 14. "Pd. R. Sorrels for geese & one day's work 8/9."19

1771 November 19. "Accepted the followg. ord. for T. Warren to be charged to Stephen Willis by his order. Mrs. Sorrels 0-17-0."20

1771 November 28. "Pd. Mrs. Sorrels for Steph. Willis 17/. Pd. do. by ord. Julus Shard 14/. Pd. do. for 6. ducks 5/. Still owe her 1/."21

1771 December 17. "Gave Richd. Sorrels note to Anderson's store (by order and on account of D. Minor) for £5."22

1771 December 18. "R. Sorrels begins to work in the morning @ 30/pr. mth."23

1772 February 16. "Paid Rd. Sorrels 46/ which leaves him 2/9 in my debt."24

1772 March 28. "Pd. Richd. 40/ which is his wages till Apr. 4. and settles all our accts. He agrees then immedly. to grub, clean & burn my fruitery @ 18/the acre."25

1772 September 10. "Pd. James Jones for Richd. Sorrel 32/6."26

1772 September 26. "Let R. Sorrels have a sack of salt."27

1772 September 30. "Charge Richard Sorrels 2. fore-quarters 152 lbs. 22/6."28

1772 October 9. "Pd. Richd. Sorrels 18/."29

1772 November 9. "Agreed with Rd. Sorrels to give him £5-10. pr. month for the work of the three hands he has here, he finding them. They begin the middle of this day."30

1772 November 11. "Wm. Sorrels attended the measuring at Shadwell of 9. hhds. corn in ears for my mother 10½ do. for myself."31

1772 November 14. "Charge Richd. Sorrels 20. Ells Hempen rolls."32

1772 November 28. "Wm. Sorrels has attended the measuring out to me at the lower quarter by T. Garth 32. hhds. of unshelled corn."33

1772 December 29. "Richd. and Wm. Sorrels will begin to work on Jan. 4. at £4. and find themselves."34

1773 January 26. "Charge Geo. Dudley 12½ barrels corn the whole delivd. this year - Richd. Sorrels witness."35

1773 February 19. "Charge Rd. Sorrels 2 galls. 1 qt. Molasses."36

1773 February 24. "Charge Rd. Sorrels pd. T. Garth £1-6-7½d."37

1773 February 26. "Gave following orders on George Divers Richard Sorrels £10-8."38

1773 March 29. "Charge Richd. Sorrels my assumpsit to pay Mr. Henry his fee 50/ in the suit of Sowell v. Davenport."39

1773 September 27. "Mr. Lewis values the two cows of Rd. Sorrels taken in exn. by J. Henderson. Credit Richd. Sorrels 1. day's work of Billy Sorrels."40

1773 September 28. "Mr. Lewis and T. Garth valued the two cows & calf yesterday which I bot. of Rich. Sorrels & the sheriff (by whom they were in exn.) @£4-16-3."41

1773 October 20. "Say pd. Mr. Henry for Richd. Davenport to be charged to R. Sorrels by law fund 50/."42

1774 February 10. "An exn. having issued against Richard Sorrels and myself as his common bail ads. Richard Woods and only a part of it levied before Sorrel's death, his widow this day sold all his goods at public auction and made the monies payable to me from the several purchases to indemnify me as far as the estate will go. The following is a state of the sale for which give Sorrel's estate credit, and charge the purchases ... £6-11-6."43

1774 October 13. "Pd. William Henderson (sheriff) £7-14-9. Note this was in part of my dues and of old Sorrel's judgement."44

1777 March 19. "See Pet. Feld Trent's acct. rendered me by George Divers money paid & goods delivered to following persons & charged to me ... Richard Sorrels, 13 March 1773, £10-8-0..."45

1777 September 11. "Gave Mrs. Sorrels in charity 20/."46

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