Civic Season at Monticello

Feast of Reason: Civic Season Launch Event

Join us June 12 for a dinner program celebrating the launch of the Civic Season and host your own “feast of reason” with friends and family at Monticello. Enjoy a variety of gourmet food trucks; sample and learn the history behind Monticello’s new flagship Mountain Ale, crafted by Blue Mountain Brewery; enjoy delicious American Heritage Chocolate samples; and visit the renowned Shop at Monticello to explore a curated selection of garden gifts, books, and more.

July Fourth Naturalization Ceremony

Every July 4, Monticello hosts an official naturalization ceremony on the West Lawn where dozens of immigrants from around the world become U.S. citizens. See plans for this year's Fourth of July celebration and videos of previous naturalization ceremonies.


Join us for livestreams in June and July that explore a variety of topics related to civics in America from its founding to the modern day.

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The Art of Citizenship

We’ve gathered stories in the form of videos, biographies, podcasts, and more to create a hub of civics content. This material is woven together to bring history forward by examining the debates -- over education, religion, equality, immigration, voting, partisanship, the press, wealth, debt, and compromises -- that began in 1776 and continue to the modern day.

Previous Livestreams

Explore our archive of livestreams that include topics such as elections, political figures, and early American history.

In the Hands of the People

Thomas Jefferson believed in the covenant between a government and its citizens, in both the government’s responsibilities to its people and also the people’s responsibility to the republic. In this illuminating book, New York Times best-selling author Jon Meacham presents selections from Jefferson’s writing on the subject, with an afterword by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Annette Gordon-Reed and comments from Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Frederick Douglass, Carl Sagan, and American presidents.