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Anne Scott Jefferson Marks

Anne Scott Jefferson (October 1, 1755 - July 8, 1828)1 was Thomas Jefferson's youngest sister, a twin to Randolph Jefferson. Anne may have been named after her maternal aunt, Anne Randolph Scott.2  She married Hastings Marks in October 1787. According to her great-niece Virginia Jefferson Randolph Trist, Anne and Hastings Marks had one son, Valentine, who married a "Miss Brockenborough of Port Royal." Valentine and his wife reportedly "left 2 daughters Sarah & Lizze Brockenborough (who lived in Port Royal) and a son Randolph."3  Researchers have discovered this information to be incorrect; Anne is not known to have had any children. (The Valentine mentioned is most likely Valentine Peyton, son of Craven Peyton and Jane Jefferson Lewis, who married Elizabeth Brockenbrough.)4  Anne Scott Marks (called "Aunt Marks" by Thomas Jefferson's children and grandchildren) came to live at Monticello with her brother after her husband's death in 1811; she died at Monticello in 1828.  In her will, she appointed her grand-nephew Thomas Jefferson Randolph her executor, and left her property to him and to Samuel Carr, stipulating that it was to be "for the sole and separate use and behoof of my said niece Martha Randolph."5  The location of her grave is not known.

Further Sources

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